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Classification of used discs and tapes
Used: like new = NM+ to M = disc/tape and cover looks like new, but it has already been used on player several times.
Used: very good = EX+ to NM = disc/tape and cover in very good condition. There may be light traces of use on disc/tape or cover that do not affect the quality of playback.
Used: good = VG to EX = disc/tape or/and cover have obvious visual signs of use that do not affect playback quality.
Used: bad = G to VG- = not perfect visual condition of the disc/tape or/and cover. Possible clicks or crackles while playing.
Used: very bad = P to G+ = bad visual conditions of the disc/tape or/and cover. The record is still playable, but there is a lot surface noise and it may jump. The cover and contents can be torn, stained or defaced.

Returning of used discs/tapes
We always check and listen all of the used discs/tapes before saling it to you. If you receive the disc/tape and not agreed with the discription of item condition that marked at our shop, then you can return it within a week after receiving, upon prior coordination with us. In this case, you will need to describe in detail the reason of the returning.
After we'll receive, check and confirm the inconsistencies of the goods to discription at our shop, we will return your money by bank transfer or PayPal, or offer you to exchange the disc/tape to any other. We do not indemnify shipping costs of returning the goods.

Additional photos
On request of our buyers, we also can make additional photos of the used discs that sells at our shop. Just ask us about it by email or contact form.


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