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SEPULTURA "Roots" /Autographed CD/

SEPULTURA "Roots" /Autographed CD/
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SEPULTURA "Roots" /Autographed CD/ SEPULTURA "Roots" /Autographed CD/ SEPULTURA "Roots" /Autographed CD/ SEPULTURA "Roots" /Autographed CD/

Sixth full-length album by legendary Brazilian Thrash/Death Metal band.
First, this is not Thrash. No one is disputing this but apparently this causes a lot of distress for Sepultura fans who only like the "real" Sepultura i.e. pre “Chaos A.D.” era. A change in direction can be the best, worst or most indifferent thing that can happen to a band. In Sepultura's case it was the best. The guitars are tuned low and are heavily distorted. Igor's drumming is at its best and while replacing the sometimes monotonous Thrash drumming style with a more Groove orientated sound, it's no less impressive. So, the lyrics are, not the most poetic or sophisticated but that's Max and his passion when singing them makes up for the lack of sophistication. Above all else, though, what makes this album so amazing is that it really is the most Brazilian, any Brazilian band has sounded. Heavy Metal is not a Brazilian invention but of course Metal is for everyone worldwide and like the world itself, it is varied and unique depending on where it comes from, or at least it should be. When you listen to "Roots", there is little doubt where this album originates from. Some may call it a cheap attempt to cash in on some exotic sound but others strongly disagree. Sepultura was the only band to have the balls to heavily lace their music with sounds and language of their native country and bands should do it more often. Why do we expect bands from different places to all sound the same? Why do we expect them to all sing in English? There are so many fascinating sounds from so many different cultures around the world and many of those would fit into Metal. While it certainly isn't the fastest or Thrashiest of Sepultura's albums, it's the most interesting, dynamic, coolest sounding and great!

CD signed by original members Paulo Jr. (bass) and Andreas Kisser (guitar) in Lviv, Ukraine, April, 5, 2019.
Roadrunner Records/The All Blacks B.V., 1996 (RR 8900-2). Made in Germany.

1. Roots Bloody Roots 03:33
2. Attitude 04:15
3. Cut-Throat 02:45
4. Ratamahatta 04:31
5. Breed Apart 04:01
6. Straighthate 05:22
7. Spit 02:46
8. Lookaway 05:26
9. Dusted 04:04
10. Born Stubborn 04:08
11. Jasco 01:58
12. Itsári 04:49
13. Ambush 04:39
14. Endangered Species 05:19
15. Dictatorshit 01:27
16. Canyon Jam 13:17 (Hidden Track)
Total playing time: 72:20

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