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THERION "Atlantis Lucid Dreaming" /CD/

THERION "Atlantis Lucid Dreaming" /CD/
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THERION "Atlantis Lucid Dreaming" /CD/ THERION "Atlantis Lucid Dreaming" /CD/ THERION "Atlantis Lucid Dreaming" /CD/

The first compilation album by legendary Swedish Symphonic/Operatic Metal band.
"Atlantis Lucid Dreaming” includes tracks from the sixth full-length album “A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming” (1997) and the mini-album “Crowning Of Atlantis” (1999).
"Crowning Of Atlantis" and "A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming" were in fact compilations made up of leftover tracks, covers and live versions. They were presented as original albums, and appear in the band's discography as such.
The first six tracks here are also the opening tracks on "A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming" with the exception of the Iron Maiden cover "Children of the Damned". They include three cover versions, three songs recorded for "Theli" but not used on that album, and an instrumental version of the early track "Symphony of the Dead". The remainder of "A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming" was given over to Christofer Johnsson's soundtrack for the obscure film "Golden Embrace". That soundtrack and the Therion reworkings of tracks from it are simply omitted altogether here.
In similar fashion, the first seven tracks from "Crowning Of Atlantis" are lifted and dropped onto this album, along with the closing song, a live version of "Black Sun". In addition to three more cover versions, we therefore have tracks left over from "Vovin" and one originally intended for "Deggial". Some of these songs would have appeared on an interim EP had it not been for the record company's insistence on padding "Crowing of Atlantis" out to full album length.
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2005 (NB 1498-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. In Remembrance
2. Black Fairy
3. Fly to the Rainbow (Scorpions cover)
4. Under Jolly Roger (Running Wild cover)
5. Symphony of the Dead
6. Here Comes the Tears (Judas Priest cover)
7. Crowning of Atlantis
8. Mark of Cain
9. Clavicula Nox
10. Crazy Nights (Loudness cover)
11. From the Dionysian Days
12. Thor (Manowar cover)
13. Seawinds (Accept cover)
14. Black Sun (Live)


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