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WHITESNAKE "Slide It In" /Limited Edition CD + DVD/

WHITESNAKE "Slide It In" /Limited Edition CD + DVD/
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25th Anniversary Collectors Limited Edition remastered re-release of the sixth full-length studio album by the legendary British Hard Rock band.
 It was the first Whitesnake album to be released by Geffen Records in the US, but was remixed for the release there. Because of this, two different editions of the album exist, each with its own unique qualities. The European edition of the album contains the original mix. This mix features a stronger presence of keyboards by Jon Lord, and the bass is more noticeable. The track order is also different from the US mix. The US mix lowers the keyboards and bass in the mix, and is more orientated around the guitars and drums. The US version features some different guitar solos to the European edition, with the addition of John Sykes as a third guitarist layered on top of the original guitar parts recorded by Mel Galley and Micky Moody. The bass guitar parts which were originally recorded by Colin Hodgkinson were replaced by returning member Neil Murray's bass guitar parts. The US version also included some new keyboard parts by Bill Cuomo.
 It was their fourth top 10 album in the UK, peaking at number 9. In 1988 the album re-entered the US charts due to the success of the self-titled “Whitesnake” album (1987 in Europe), and is certified double Platinum. It was the final Whitesnake recording to use the band's original "snake" logo.
 In 2009, the album was re-issued as a 2-disc digipack to commemorate its 25th anniversary. On the first disc, the CD contains the entire US mix of the album and 8 of the original UK mixes digitally remastered, although the 1987 remixed version of "Need Your Love So Bad" is used on this release instead of the original version. The UK mixes of "Hungry for Love" or "Love Ain't No Stranger" are not included, but the acoustic version of "Love Ain't No Stranger" is featured (taken from “Starkers in Tokyo”). A DVD contains promo videos and live performances.
EMI Records, 1984/2009 (50999 698122 2 4). Made in EU. Pressed in Poland.


1. Gambler 03:57
2. Slide It In 03:19
3. Slow & Easy 06:01
4. Love Ain't No Stranger 04:14
5. Give Me More Time 03:42
6. Standing In The Shadow 03:39
7. Hungry For Love 03:29
8. All Or Nothing 03:41
9. Spit It Out 04:28
10. Guilty Of Love 03:25
Bonus Tracks:
11. Need Your Love So Bad (45 B side) 03:16
12. Gambler (UK mix) 03:51
13. Slide It In (UK mix) 03:17
14. Standing In The Shadow (UK mix) 03:29
15. Give Me More Time (UK mix) 03:40
16. Slow & Easy (UK mix) 06:03
17. Spit It Out (UK mix) 04:10
18. All Or Nothing (UK mix) 03:32
19. Guilty Of Love (UK mix) 03:18
20. Love Ain't No Stranger (Starkers In Tokyo) 03:17
1. Guilty Of Love (promo video) 03:15
2. Slow And Easy (promo video) 04:16
3. Love Ain't No Stranger (promo video) 04:20
4. Guilty Of Love (Donington 1983) 03:59
5. Love Ain't No Stranger (Starkers In Tokyo) 03:08
6. Give Me More Time 03:34 (Top Of The Pops 19th January 1984)
7. Love Ain't No Stranger (Live...In The Still Of The Night) 03:39
Total playing time: 103:59

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