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TANKARD "Chemical Invasion" /CD/

TANKARD "Chemical Invasion" /CD/
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Remastered re-release of the second full-length album by the legendary German Thrash/Speed Metal band.
This album is not only stands the test of time as one of the band’s most enduring classics but also becomes one of Germany’s finest records ever made and shows the band is more than just a cheap gimmick band but something much more impressive overall. This is a much more improved Tankard than what was shown on the debut, as they stretch themselves out a lot more and offers some lengthier, more technically-involved songs that are still in perfect keeping with the energy and feel of the debut. Gone is the Punk influence and replaced with more Thrash, and the Progressive feel of some of their riffing is far more accomplished than most would ever dare to write in conjunction with the band, yet the same party vibe and cheesy lyrics remain in the sound, effectively giving the band a true classic in their discography and overall one of the finer thrash records to come from the prolific German scene of the 80s!
A true must have for any fan of the genre!!
Fight for your right to drink pure beer!!!
Noise Records/Sanctuary Records/Universal Music, 1987/1988/2011 (2759679). Made in Germany.

1.Intro 00:17
2.Total Addiction 03:26
3.Tantrum 03:15
4.Don't Panic 04:24
5.Puke 00:57
6.For A Thousend Beers 07:23
7.Chemical Invasion 05:27
8.Farewell To A Slut 04:09
9.Traitor 07:55
10.Alcohol 02:04
11.Outro 00:08
Total playing time: 39:25 

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