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TANKARD " The Morning After” + “Alien" /CD/

TANKARD " The Morning After” + “Alien" /CD/
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TANKARD " The Morning After” + “Alien" /CD/ TANKARD " The Morning After” + “Alien" /CD/

Remastered re-release of the third full-length album by the legendary German Thrash/Speed Metal band.
"Zombie Attack" was, and remains an underrated masterpiece of raw, Punk-influenced havoc, but it was pretty clear by "Chemical Invasion" that the band were moving in a more technically proficient direction, and "The Morning After" is the culmination of that. At no time in Tankard's career have they been as fast and furious as on this album, with such impeccable velocity in their riffing. They may have "matched" this level of speed and anguish on future recordings, but nothing would ever really compare to this! The music on this album speaks for itself. It is pure masculine frenzy with little regard for pop garbage or social graces, like most of the best Thrash of that decade. "The Morning After" is a hard hitting onslaught of punishing Punk/Thrash hybrid riffage delivered with the relentless fervor of all classic Metal zealots. Generally, the album does not take any risks. It strictly plays according to tradition and the results are predictably good.
Re-edition contains EP “Alien” as a bonus! Some of the songs on EP are from the first albums and demos, just that the vocals have changed, and Tankard have become better in playing their tunes (after "The Morning After" this EP was needed because some songs on "Zombie Attack" and the demos sound awful). Anything bad was now improved, and not just that - the songs are wild and richer with excellent guitar playing and insane drumming.
This CD is a true must have for any fan of the genre!!
Noise Records/Sanctuary Records/Universal Music, 1988/1989/2011 (2759679). Made in Germany.

The Morning After:
1. Intro     0:28      
2. Commandements     2:51
3. Shit-Faced     4:02
4. TV Hero     6:01
5. F.U.N.     3:12
6. Try Again     3:41
7. The Morning After     4:26
8. Desperation     4:35
9. Feed The Lohocla     3:59
10. Help Yourself     5:03
11. Mon Cheri     0:47
12. Outro.     0:31

13. Alien     3:08
14. 666 Packs     4:52
15. Live To Dive     3:09
16. Remedy     2:49
17. (Empty) Tankard     4:44
Total playing time: 58:18


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