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TANKARD "Stone Cold Sober" /CD/

TANKARD "Stone Cold Sober" /CD/
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Remastered re-release of the fifth full-length album by the legendary German Thrash/Speed Metal band.
Pure Gritty Violent German Thrash! Recorded at a time when Thrash was beginning to disappear, the release of "Stone Cold Sober" offered the genre something to look forward to. Filled with fast deafening riffs and the classic Thrash Metal vocals, Tankard does so well, it's an improvement from "Zombie Attack" and "Chemical Invasion", not too discredit these two great albums. The controversial fifth release from Germany’s hardest drinkers in Tankard, “Stone Cold Sober,” is perhaps the bands’ most overall Thrash-intensive effort and really shows the band has plenty to offer when they put the drinks down and really get down to business!
Re-edition contains three live bonus tracks taken from the "Open All Night" VHS recording! Recorded live at the Thrashing-East-Festival, Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle, East Berlin, March 4th, 1990.
This is a prime example of true German Thrash Metal! A musthave for any Thrash fan!! F**k The Law!!!
Noise Records/Sanctuary Records/Universal Music, 1992/2011 (2774617). Made in Germany.

1. Jurisdiction     5:40
2. Broken Image     5:31
3. Mindwild     4:58
4. Ugly Beauty     5:08
5. Centerfold     3:24
6. Behind The Back     4:39
7. Stone Cold Sober     5:54
8. Blood, Guts & Rock ?n? Roll     5:33
9. Lost And Found (Tantrum Part 2)     5:29
10. Sleeping With The Past     4:15
11. Freibier     3:28
12. Of Strange People Talking Under Arabian Skies     6:54
13. Outro     0:24
Bonus Tracks:
14. Don't Panic     5:01
15. 666 Packs     5:04
16. Shit-Faced     4:24
Total playing time: 75:46

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