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SCORPIONS “Humanity – Hour I” /CD/

SCORPIONS “Humanity – Hour I” /CD/
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The sixteenth full-length album by the legendary German Hard’n’Heavy band.
Album was released in Europe on May 14, 2007 and in the United States and Canada on August 28, 2007. "Humanity: Hour 1" is a concept album based on a loose storyline by Desmond Child and futurist Liam Carl, which predicts a world torn apart by a civil war between humans and robots. This apocalyptic nightmare serves as a warning shot to all mankind, whose only hope of survival is to reclaim our humanity.
The album was produced by James Michael and Desmond Child, who also provide backing vocals. The sound is very different from the band’s older albums and even from previous album, "Unbreakable". The guitars are clean and very bright with a modern feeling to them. There are of course Rock songs and ballads as all the other Scorpions albums but this time it is like 50/50. Most of the songs are played in slow or mid tempos and there are not any fast ones. This of course is not a problem because the album has a certain and strong feeling, the old Hard Rock songs of Scorpions are combined with new and modern sound.
This is definitely a good buy for a Scorpions fan though!!
Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Germany)/RCA, 2007 (82876 71419 2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Hour 1     3:26
2. The Game Of Life     4:04
3. We Were Born To Fly     3:59
4. The Future Never Dies     4:03
5. You're Lovin' Me To Death     3:15
6. 321     3:53
7. Love Will Keep Us Alive     4:32
8. We Will Rise Again     3:49
9. Your Last Song     3:44
10. Love Is War     4:20
11. The Cross     4:29
12. Humanity     5:26
Total playing time: 49:00


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