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SCORPIONS “Unbreakable” /CD/

SCORPIONS “Unbreakable” /CD/
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The fifteenth full-length album by the legendary German Hard’n’Heavy band.
In this album, Scorpions return to their original, rawer style of music after many concept albums and experimenting with different styles. After the bad “Eye To Eye“ the Scorpions finally try it with honest Hard Rock on “Unbreakable“.  Songs like the fast “Someday Is Now” will blows through your ears, “My City My Town” is perfect for relaxed cruising on the highway with its nice chorus and the good bridge, “Through My Eyes”, which alternates between acoustic guitars and hefty heavier riffs, only put you in a good mood. Especially the latter song should find its way into the Hanover based band’s live set, because it is closest to the old grenades of the 80s. But also with songs like the dramatic opener “New Generation”, the melancholic rocker “Deep And Dark” or the very energetic, but still very melodic “Borderline” they deliver the goods, depending on your mood.
The Scorpions have a very unique sound, and this album is an expansion on that wonderful sound. The riffs are new and fresh, and although they lost a bit of the metal feel they still have that old feel to them. They did add a modern feel to it with some more effects, which is very noticeable during the solo on "Can You Feel It". Speaking of solos they're great, a bit shorter than normal but still great on the ears!
This was the first album with Pawel Maciwoda on bass guitar.
Overall this album kicks ass! Go get it right now! If you’re a fan of the older Scorpions you won’t be disappointed. They've got some monster hits on this album and let’s just hope that they keep on coming. The scorpion has re-adjusted its poisonous sting!!
BMG Deutschland/BMG Russia, 2004 (14752). Special Russian Version. Made in Russia. First press.

1. New Generation     5:51
2. Love 'em Or Leave 'em     4:03
3. Deep And Dark     3:37
4. Borderline     4:53    
5. Blood Too Hot     4:16
6. Maybe I Maybe You     3:30
7. Someday Is Now     3:24
8. My City My Town     4:55
9. Through My Eyes     5:23
10. Can You Feel It     3:47
11. This Time     3:34
12. She Said     4:32
13. Remember The Good Times (Retro Garage Mix)     4:24
Total playing time: 56:09


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