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SCORPIONS “Fly To The Rainbow” /CD/

SCORPIONS “Fly To The Rainbow” /CD/
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The second full-length album by the legendary German Hard Rock band.
This album is very diverse in its sound and song structures, probably due to the new members' influences from Uli's band Dawn Road, and the band looking for material to fill an album as much as musical direction. This album was created as two bands came together: two members from Scorpions, who had recorded "Lonesome Crow", and three members from Dawn Road. So technically the band could have taken the name Dawn Road rather than Scorpions. To make matters a bit more complicated, the keyboardist who wasn't actually a full member also came from Dawn Road, and some songs were co-written by a former Scorpions member, Rudolf's brother Michael. The result is somewhat eclectic and it is feasible to discern which elements are from the Roth/Dawn Road camp and which ones are from the Scorpions camp (and with or without Michael).
There are elements on this album which Scorpions never tried before or after; such as the Spanish-like chord progression on "They Need a Million" (Therion would rather copy that on "Melez"; it also became the staple of a song like Amorphis' "Nightfall"; though probably indirectly influenced by Kingston Wall's "Another Piece of Cake"). There are also some major hippie moments, aside of the lyrics and album cover, such as the tripping section at the beginning of "Far Away", which can't really be found on any other Scorpions album. Overall, this is also the Scorpions album with the most acoustic guitars on it.
The drum production is courtesy of engineer Mack, who is also responsible for the superb live drum sound on Black Sabbath's "Dehumanizer" recorded 18 years after and to the drum sound on Deep Purple's "Stormbringer", recorded just a few months later in the same studio. In retrospect, Jürgen Rosenthal, who plays on this album, was the most promising of all three drummers who played in Scorpions while Roth was there. His style is very energetic, and little things like the cowbell at the end of the "Speedy's Coming" chorus are nice touches. Too bad he was drafted in the army.. but his stuff with Eloy is pretty good too.
More lineup changes were in store for the band throughout the decade, but it must be noted this was their first collaboration with bassist Francis Bucholtz, one of the members of the band's most successful era.
There are no Jazz elements or psychedelic influences, and the Black Sabbath like guitar tone is gone. Most of this record consists of more drawn out songs with a peaceful texture. One of the important aspects of Scorpions is revealed here too and that is conveying emotion.
This is a strong sophomore effort from the German lads. The peaceful and tranquil tone of the album accompanied by Meine’s majestic vocals and Roth’s inspiring guitar playing is very satisfying. Even though this is not what Scorpions are known, this is still an enjoyable record and they would keep on getting better!!
BMG Deutschland GmbH, 1974/1983 (ND70084). Made in Germany.

1. Speedy's Coming     3:37
2. They Need A Million     4:55
3. Drifting Sun     7:41
4. Fly People Fly     5:04
5. This Is My Song     4:13
6. Far Away     5:38
7. Fly To The Rainbow     9:39
Total playing time: 40:47


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