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STEEL VENGEANCE “Second Offense” /CD/

STEEL VENGEANCE “Second Offense” /CD/
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Re-release on CD of the second full-length album by the cult American Heavy Metal band.
Steel Vengeance were never those mentioned icons, back in the 80s or today, but at least they tried like many others that stood in the huge picket line of bands worldwide wishing to become Rockstars or the next thing in line. After leading a successful debut named “Call Off The Dogs”, it took them nearly less than a year to arrange and release “Second Offense”, a whole new album packed with ten more crunchy traditional Metal steely displays.
Steel Vengeance mixed a fine line of Hard N’ Heavy, taking Ratt and Motley Crue and running them on the same strip with US Metal kinds of Obsession along with British Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Fundamentally, “Second Offense” is a sort of a repetition of its own self demonstrating the same type of pattern over and over.
Once again Steel Vengeance displayed that sharp edged crunchy sound that has been the 80s profound trophy, and it is hard not liking it. Yet, too many let downs to call this a success. In short, tasty in some ways but needed more salt.
Strongly recommended for fans of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest!
Black Dragon Records, 1986/1996 (BDCD 057). Made in France. An exact bootlegged replica.

1. Beware The Wizard     3:21
2. She Moves In The Night     4:41
3. Eyes That Cannot See     5:27
4. Useless Information     3:16
5. Breakin' Away     4:08
6. Open The Door     4:59
7. Don't Waste It On Me     4:16
8. Pleasure With Pain     4:14
9. Just One More Time     4:43
10. Dead Or Alive     3:45
Total playing time: 42:50

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