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METALLICA “Beyond Magnetic” /MCD/

METALLICA “Beyond Magnetic” /MCD/
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The 40th EP by the legendary American Thrash Metal band.
It was released to coincide with the band's 30th anniversary shows, in which they released a new song for all four days of the shows. It was originally released as a digital download only on iTunes on December 13, 2011. "Beyond Magnetic" was released on CD on January 30, 2012, internationally, and on the following day in the United States.
All four songs featured on “Beyond Magnetic” were all recorded for the band's "Death Magnetic" sessions but had not been released. During the "Death Magnetic" album sessions in 2007 and 2008, band originally recorded 14 songs. When it came time to pick the songs for the final album, band decided on 10 songs. Metallica kept the rest 4 songs in the vault and decided to pull them just for this special celebration, so here are the four leftover tracks from the "Death Magnetic" sessions. They are rough mixes, unfinished to their original degree of mixing from March '08. These four songs were released as a gift to the bands closest fans, the members of Fan Club. Now they're being made available to all listeners.
During its first week of release, "Beyond Magnetic" sold 36000 copies and peaked at number 32 on the Billboard 200. As of 2013, Beyond Magnetic sold over 162000 copies in the U.S. only.
Vertigo, 2012 (2794686). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Hate Train 6:59
2. Just a Bullet Away 7:11
3. Hell and Back 6:57
4. Rebel of Babylon 8:01
Total playing time: 29:12

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