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SEPTICFLESH “The Great Mass” /CD/

SEPTICFLESH “The Great Mass” /CD/
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The eighth full-length album by the cult Greek Atmospheric/Symphonic Death Metal band.
“The Great Mass” is a new symphonic masterpiece that constitutes a quantum leap in the art of amalgamating orchestral music with Heavy Metal!
Septicflesh’s new songs are the audible evidence of guitarist Christos Antoniou finishing his studies of classical composition with academic honours and distinction. The Greeks take the next logical step in following the course they highly successfully set on their celebrated comeback-album “Communion” (2008). “The Great Mass” shows this band at the peak of their evolution over seven full-length releases since Septicflesh’s founding in 1990, in which the band combines massive Deathly guitars at the edge of Blackness with haunting Gothic melodies and cinematic Symphonic arrangements.
The orchestral parts were recorded with the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague including full choir and boy soprano. Renowned producer Peter Tägtgren (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal) created the massive sound of “The Great Mass”.
For anyone who still plays “Communion” frequently, “The Great Mass” is unequivocally a release day purchase! Septicflesh has consistently raised its own bar, and the band did it again by surpassing earlier work while still maintaining the same onslaught of Symphonic blended Death Metal that garnered the band so much praise in the past!!
Season Of Mist, 2011 (SOM 229). Made in France. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. The Vampire From Nazareth     4:08
2. A Great Mass Of Death     4:46
3. Pyramid God     5:13
4. Five-Pointed Star     4:33
5. Oceans Of Grey     5:11
6. The Undead Keep Dreaming     4:29
7. Rising     3:16
8. Apocalypse     3:55
9. Mad Architect     3:36
10. Therianthropy     4:28
Total playing time: 43:35


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