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SILVER DIRT “Never Give Up” /CD/

SILVER DIRT “Never Give Up” /CD/
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Second full-length album by the Swiss Hard Rock band.
A new combo which is still living in the 80's-90's. Silver Dirt made their first steps as a Led Zeppelin cover band and later they evolved in what they are now. The first album was "Sonic Boom" back in 2006 and now "Never Give Up" hits the stores.
As far as this release is concerned, the production takes you back in another decade, bursting out with sounds that New York Dolls, and all the above mentioned bands, even AC/DC used to have, a bit more dry though. The contribution of Silver Steff in vocals is giving an extra boost.
From one song to another we still have the same kind of Hard Rock, melodic and which some good riffs. The compositions are average, the musicians are good. The guitars solos are solid and the voice of Silver Steff is really good.
Easy listening songs with simple riffs; "Never Give Up" is an good release, maybe it won't be the metalhead's cup of tea but this album is what we use to call car music. Get in your car, press play and go!
If you like Hard FM or Hard Rock, it's for you!!
Selfreleased 2008. Made in France. First press.

1. Somebody Help Me
2. (I Need Some) Action
3. Come Along
4. Leave It Alone
5. Little D
6. Barfly
7. Alright
8. Forever Shine
9. Way Outta Line
10. So Many Times


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