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SODOM “Code Red” /CD/

SODOM “Code Red” /CD/
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The ninth full-length album by the legendary German Thrash Metal band.
On this album, Sodom returned to classic Thrash Metal which pleases many fans. "Code Red" is something of an attempt to recapture the frenzied chaos of Sodom's earlier work, and it partially succeeds. Partially, because the band's technique has improved substantially since the mid-'80s, which has made their work more accessible yet tamed a bit of the unbridled fury that polarized listeners into love-'em-or-hate-'em camps early on. The 1999 version of Sodom sounds strangely out of time, somewhere in between godfathers of contemporary Death Metal and throwbacks to underground '80s Thrash. This means that "Code Red" isn't a stunning new statement or re-imagining of the band's sound, but it is a solid example of that sound, and at this point, that's probably all that's necessary!
This album shows the listener that this is a fire which is going burn for a long time; the band really manages to mould their past with a promising future. There is energy, heaviness, brutality and cruelty in "Code Red", and while it might still not be a groundbreaking album in Sodom's career, it really hooks you...maybe even enough to make you stick to their music. Sodom has released many awesome albums but most of them might not be great albums to begin with if you want to get into the band's music, but this album is. Get "Code Red" and you will know what Sodom is all about, and later you can basically advance to the other albums. Thrash Metal fans of all kinds should experience album, as it is a perfect all-round Sodom album that will stick around for a long time! If you find it then get it without hesitation, because it won't let you down if you enjoy any kind of Thrash Metal!!
Drakkar Records, 1999 (DRAKKAR 003). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Intro     0:48
2. Code Red     3:55
3. What Hell Can Create     3:31
4. Tombstone     3:55
5. Liquidation     2:44
6. Spiritual Demise     2:51
7. Warlike Conspiracy     2:49
8. Cowardice     4:16
9. The Vice Of Killing     4:21
10. Visual Buggery     3:13
11. Book Burning     2:34
12. The Wolf & The Lamb     3:18
13. Addicted To Abstinence     2:06
Total playing time: 40:21


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