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SODOM “In The Sign Of Evil” + “Obsessed By Cruelty” /CD/

SODOM “In The Sign Of Evil” + “Obsessed By Cruelty” /CD/
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SODOM “In The Sign Of Evil” + “Obsessed By Cruelty” /CD/ SODOM “In The Sign Of Evil” + “Obsessed By Cruelty” /CD/

Re-release of the debut EP and debut full-length album on one CD by the legendary German Black/Thrash Metal band.
This CD set new standards in the 80s in terms of brutality because it contained five completely perverse, crazy Black-Thrash Metal assaults, which even caused Venom to look like childish music. The Metal media was overcharged due to this brutal material and ran them down – but the Underground loved them and Sodom reached a totally cult status! They were influenced by the heavies of the older days like Motörhead, Raven, Tank and especially Venom but they were ten times faster than all those bands together. But they also copied Venom’s occult lyrics. They saw themselves as Black Metal, which wasn’t a real genre at all those days but only the name of a record of Venom...
The debut EP is considered part of the first wave of Black Metal. Despite the melodic rawness, the over-the-top lyrics and the elementary structure of the songs, two of them ("Outbreak of Evil" and "Blasphemer") were regularly played by the band twenty-five years into its career, and are considered crowd favorites. Totally raw and primitive, aggressive songs that amaze any Metal fan. The guitar's sound is very raw, so is the bass' sound, and the drums sounds like it's gonna explode. Unarguably, a mark in the Metal music, a big influence on almost all the Metal genres that followed later, like Death Metal or Black Metal. It's just 20 minutes of pure Metal going through your ears. A Metal classic! The album was planned to be a full-length, but because of lack of money to afford a full record, the band had to pick 5 songs, that were released on the EP. Sure thing, Sodom picked the most amazing songs to record, back then.
The EP was widely available as the bonus tracks in the CD version of their debut album "Obsessed By Cruelty" (1986). Tracks from this EP also have appeared on all three live Sodom albums: "Mortal Way Of Live" (1988), "Marooned - Live" (1994) and "One Night In Bangkok" (2003).
Two different versions of “Obsessed By Cruelty” exist. The band had to record the album twice because their record company was not satisfied with the original result. The first version was recorded in Berlin, and was released by Metal Blade Records in the United States in 1986. The second version was recorded in Nuremberg, and was released by Steamhammer Records in their home country of Germany in the same year. The first session was supposedly by Horst Müller, with Destructor as the guitarist. The record company deemed the recording quality to be too poor for the album to be released, so all the tracks, as well as a new one called "After the Deluge", were recorded again at Studio Hiltpolstein (near Nürnberg) by Bobby Bachinger, with a new guitarist called Ahäthoor (aka Assator). Only the European Steamhammer edition of the LP seems to contain the second recording from Studio Hilpoltstein with the additional "After the Deluge" track. According to Tom Angelripper, the second recording is "completely different", because they had a different guitar player. "Obsessed By Cruelty" was re-released together with “In The Sign Of Evil” in 1988, containing the first recorded version.
The album had a major influence on then-developing Black Metal. Mayhem founder and guitarist Euronymous described the early Sodom and Destruction releases as underrated "masterpieces of Black stinking Metal". He also named his record label, Deathlike Silence Productions, after the album's second track.
The band wore spikes and black leather clothes, so they could offer something optically, too. Although Angelripper’s vocals sounded sometimes a bit planless and the drums had been a bit without direction, these albums were very much important for all Thrash and Black fans and many people really idolize them until today. Sodom destroys everything, which is in their way. Records full of black energy and mystic, that’s it. It’s not deciding, how planless and distorted they sometimes acted. This is totally cult and countless bands from the extreme genre had been influenced by these masterpieces!
This re-edition of the 1988 re-release combines the “In The Sign Of Evil” EP and the US version, not the European version, of “Obsessed By Cruelty”.
Steamhammer, 1984/1986/1988/2001 (SPV 85-7533). Made in Germany.

1. Intro     0:14
2. Outbreak Of Evil     4:34
3. Sepulchral Voice     4:31
4. Blasphemer     3:05
5. Witching Metal     3:13
6. Intro     0:38
7. Burst Command Til War     2:43
8. Outro     0:15
9. Intro     1:53
10. Deathlike Silence     5:06
11. Brandish The Sceptre     2:56
12. Proselytism Real     3:31
13. Equinox     3:32
14. Volcanic Slut     3:21
15. Obsessed By Cruelty     5:47
16. Fall Of Majesty Town     4:01
17. Nuctemeron     3:00
18. Pretenders To The Throne     2:39
19. Witchhammer     2:02
Total playing time: 57:01


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