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NAPALM DEATH “Breed To Breathe” /MCD/

NAPALM DEATH “Breed To Breathe” /MCD/
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Re-release of the American version of EP ’97 by the legendary British Grindcore/Death Metal band.
The band's effort, "Inside The Torn Apart", where the single "Breed To Breathe" is from, was one of the best records of the year. The band was back with singer/growler Mark 'Barney' Greenway at the helm once again (after a brief stint in Extreme Noise Terror) and Napalm Death was back in action.
The band's sound was strong, full of ferocity and moving towards a rather controlled state of experimentation, but still having a hearty and heavy Death Metal sound. But changes were happening and Napalm Death was losing much of its Grind characteristics in the process. But, regardless of changes, the music on "Inside The Torn Apart" was good and it looked as if the band, who many thought were losing momentum, had gained it back. This EP showcases Napalm Death's forward momentum as we head into 1998.
This EP also has new material: "All Intense Purposes", "Stranger Now", "Bled Dry" and "Time Will Come". The new material sounds good, full of chunky riffs and powerful growls that echo rage and anguish. The music here, much like on the last effort, continues to show the metamorphosis that Napalm Death are going through as a band. And this band has regained interest in their music and the notion of sticking around for a few more LPs.
American version includes Fatality cover on Napalm Death’s song “Suffer The Children”, while as European version includes Impending Doom covering on "Greed killing".
The Enhanced CD also includes: band biography and discography (up to 1997), photos and some videos, particularly the "Breed to Breathe" video, which was censored or banned everywhere due to its violent content.
Earache Records, 1997/2011 (MOSH171CDX – CD3). Made in UK.

1. Breed To Breathe     3:15
2. All Intensive Purposes     3:23
3. Stranger Now     3:46
4. Bled Dry     2:21
5. Time Will Come     3:22
6. Suffer The Children (Performed By Fatality)     7:06
Total playing time: 23:13

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