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SCORPIONS "Animal Magnetism" /CD/

SCORPIONS "Animal Magnetism" /CD/
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First remastered re-release of the seventh full-length studio album by the legendary German Hard’n’Heavy band.
The early 80’s were a crucial time for Metal. Everything was going to change and evolve into something completely different from what had been made in the previous decade. A new era for the subgenre began, a new sound determined in a couple of records. Those two had a big impact and influenced a whole generation, setting the rules, making clear that Heavy Metal should offer something straight and aggressive to prevail during that new decade that was about to start. Scorpions’ seventh record satisfied the requirements of those days ideally.
This one is quite unpredictable. Most people might have expected an absolutely similar work to its predecessor, after the crushing success it achieved. Surprise, this doesn’t sound like the previous LP at all. There’s a few similarities, though, like the loose tempos and omnipresent massive riffing. The frantic Speed Metal track “Don’t Make No Promises (Your Body Can’t Keep)” reaches the same brilliance of “Another Piece Of Meat”, with a much more evident melody and less brutality, for instance. But the rest of numbers feature something alternative and unusual from Scorpions’ own sound. The general pattern is totally determined to give riffs absolute control. Most of these compositions are based and constructed on Jabs & Schenker’s guitar lines. Everything else is hanging on them, including vocals themselves, as you can check on “Twentieth Century Man” and “Hold Me Tight”. Obviously, the riffs are modified during the tunes to introduce alternative structures and get some continuity. However, the variations are not particularly numerous. In conclusion, this music becomes completely direct, it goes straight forward, becoming truly heavy and insistent. Riffs, is what this stuff is mostly about. And that’s no problem, the spectacular combo provide them of unremitting solidity and persistent consistency with no exception during the whole pack. The culmination arrives with the total catharsis of “The Zoo” and that supremely splendid terrifying huge riff, so damn weighty and powerful, hitting like a hammer. The title-track also achieves such an outstanding climax of intensity, with an exotic, kinda arabic, leading riff, supported by Meine’s tortured voice. Both unique moments in the history of the German metallers, along with the only ballad here, “Lady Starlight”. One of the most touching they ever recorded, with Klaus’ vocals incredibly sweet and emotional on an immaculately arranged love song, that includes an orchestra in the background giving it an unforgettable climax. Simply priceless!
The exceptional cover artwork by Hipgnosis’ Mr. Thorgerson makes this LP even more seductive and provocative, not as explicit and scandalous as the previous album, but still has some subliminal sexual message...
One of the most awesome records Scorpions ever did, in the same level of their most popular famous releases. As advanced and refreshing for those times as its predecessor, as heavy and fierce as its successor, just a bit quieter. Here you will find some of the most killer riffs the combo Jabs-Schenker ever created and played. Also, their most underrated ballad ever, probably the deepest and most sentimental from their whole career. Don’t hesitate to check this out, you will might get a big surprise!!
The RIAA certified the record as Gold on 8 March 1984, and Platinum on 28 October 1991.
Mercury Records/PolyGram, 1980/1997 (314 534 785-2). Made in USA.

1. Make It Real 3:49
2. Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep) 2:58
3. Hold Me Tight 4:00
4. Twentieth Century Man 3:04
5. Lady Starlight 6:16
6. Falling In Love 4:11
7. Only A Man 3:35
8. The Zoo 5:30
9. Animal Magnetism 5:56
Total playing time: 39:19


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