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SCHIZO “Cicatriz Black” /CD/

SCHIZO “Cicatriz Black” /CD/
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Second full-length album by the cult Italian Thrash Metal band.
Prime movers of the Italian Extreme Metal scene together with Bulldozer and Necrodeath!
Schizo have finally come out from the Underground Metal scene and have become a big name in Metal, probably the best Italian Metal band around, and really deserve to be called so, because now Bulldozer and Sadist have split up, and Necrodeath and Disarmonia Mundi have really sold out, Schizo remains one of the few big Italian bands that can really call themselves "Metal".
Listen to this CD once and you'll immediately realize this is a bad ass band, under every aspect. Every band member in fact plays a really big part in the CD and every instrument sounds ferocious and quick paced, although Schizo can master very well tempo changes, ranging from fast guitar riffs, with crushing drum blast beasts and very complicate bass parts, to instant slow down, with the drums just keeping the tempo, the guitars making plain harmonics and with a plain melodic voice. Schizo also can create wonderful intros.
The singing and drumming play the lions part, and are simply breath-taking.
In fact, Nicola Accurso's vocals are every time aggressive, and are very particular, because they are halfway between plain screaming and Tom Araya's aggressive singing tone, but are much quicker and aggressive and never drop a tone or look weak. Accurso can really sing in a wild sounding scream, and makes a wonderful impression on the listener.
The drums are even better: their sound is crushing from start to end, and they honor the Thrash/Black Metal genre. The blast beats play a big part, both because they are the main drum parts in the songs and because they're always quick and tough. Double bass is also used very well and even the tom parts are creative and complex, always playing in fast tempos.
With artwork by the legendary Lorenzo Mariani (Darkthrone, Mayhem) and arguably decent production from Peter In De Betou, Schizo's second effort is admirable enough! "Main Frame Collapse" might have been compelling enough to rival the mighty Necrodeath back in 1989, but Schizo might have been consigned to the Underground by a higher power a long time ago. Future serial killers, however, should look no further…
BL Music/Scarlet Records, 2007 (SC 134-2 / SPV 148942 CD). Made in Italy. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Odium Restitution 2:21
2. Seen The Signs Before 4:25
3. Lacrima Khristi 2:56
4. M.G.1942 4:35
5. Demise: Desire 2:04
6. Agonizing 5:45
7. Phanatical X-X-X 4:28
8. Shine Of Scars 3:49
9. Coma´s Grip 4:45
10. The Sicilian Clan (cover Ennio Moricone) 4:42
Total playing time: 39:50


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