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WARLOCK “Triumph And Agony” /Digipack CD/

WARLOCK “Triumph And Agony” /Digipack CD/
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Second re-release of the fourth and final full-length album by the legendary German Heavy Metal band.
Formed in 1982, the band attained a reasonable degree of success with their four albums, with the first and last being particularly well-known to the Metal public. "Triumph And Agony" is the final opus, released in 1987 and including most of the band’s main hits, such as "All We Are", "I Rule The Ruins", "Metal Tango" or "Für Immer". The result is a consistent and wholly satisfying Euro-Metal album.
The two undeniably best tracks are the bookends. "Für Immer" is a hauntingly beautiful bilingual ballad, sung with earnest, truthful emotion by Doro. “All We Are” is an out-and-out Metal anthem, reminiscent of Manowar’s “Fighting The World”, and equally as catchy. Staidly completing the podium is “Three Minute Warning”, a short burst of quasi- Speed Metal with an infectious chorus and driving, headbanging rhythm. Among the remaining tracks, two others call our attention. "Metal Tango" and "East Meets West" would certainly have made the podium, if there were more than three places available in it. The first is exactly what the title implies: an oxymoronic track that mixes hard guitar riffs with a tango-ish rhythmic sway and cheesy “ole!” backing vocals. Its chorus of “dance, demons, lose control/this is the Metal, the Metal tango” may sound just a tad ridiculous – and it is – but overall the track manages to please through and through. As for "East Meets West", whose main track screams “80’s Metal!!”, it’s just a fun song, with a fist pumping chorus sure to ingrain itself in your mind. "A Touch of Evil" and "Cold, Cold World" aren’t worthy of licking the other tracks’ boots, although they are by no means bad songs. The first boasts an excellent vocal performance from Doro, while the latter is a pleasant but bland listen that can be construed as perhaps the weakest point of the album. As a whole, this is a completely satisfying album.
The album was recorded in the US with producer Joey Balin and a different band line-up in comparison with the previous album, “True As Steel”, which had made the name of Warlock known outside of Europe. Peter Szigeti and Frank Rittel were replaced in 1987 by the American musicians Tommy Bolan and Tommy Henriksen respectively. The album also features British drummer Cozy Powell on some tracks.
The song "All We Are" received some airplay on American Metal radio stations and its video clip shot by director Mark Rezyka had good rotation on MTV's “Headbangers Ball”. Many songs of this album are still performed live by Doro's band.
The album reached number 80 in American Billboard 200 and got Gold status in Germany.
A solid Heavy Metal record sure to please fans of the more traditional strands of the genre. If you are into 80’s Metal, of the traditional variety, you should by all means give it a listen, and then go on to discover the rest of Warlock’s and Miss Pesch’s discography!!
Re-edition includes four bonus tracks!
24kt Gold CD!!
Universal Music/Metal Mind Productions, 1987/2011 (MASS CD 1418 DG). Made in Poland.

1. All We Are 3:19
2. Three Minute Warning 2:30
3. I Rule The Ruins 4:03
4. Kiss Of Death 4:08
5. Make Time For Love 4:45
6. East Meets West 3:34
7. Touch Of Evil 4:18
8. Metal Tango 4:24
9. Cold, Cold World 4:01
10. Für Immer 4:12

Bonus Tracks:
11. East Meets West 3:45
12. Angels With Dirty Faces 3:58
13. Under The Gun 3:51
14. Something Wicked This Way Comes 5:17
Total playing time: 56:05

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