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TANKARD "Disco Destroyer" /CD/

TANKARD "Disco Destroyer" /CD/
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First re-release of the eighth full-length album by the legendary German Thrash Metal band.
Tankard are next to Kreator, Sodom, Holy Moses and Destruction one of the basics of the German Thrash Metal history. This is the band's first album released by Century Media (technically speaking, it's second, because they had released in 1996 "Himbeergeist Zum Frühstück", the second Tankwart album, on Century Media).
When almost everyone else had abandoned the traditional Thrash metal genre, Tankard just kept going like nobody's business. After some semi-lazy features of the previous release, "Disco Destroyer" cranks up the speed again and becomes a better match for the old standards of fast Thrash Metal. The relaxed atmosphere of the Tankard is still maintained to a notable extent, but this time without sacrificing the band's original antics too much.
Worth a special note, some lyrics are way over the top in this album's context - how many other blatantly happy songs about serial killers or undead rotting bones can you expect to find, really. Most importantly, this release contains several insanely catchy Thrashers: "Serial Killer", "Queen Of Hearts", "Tankard Roach Motel" and the title track are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
Although it is definitely not something that would find its way to the hall of Thrash Metal fame, "Disco Destroyer" is actually one of the most entertaining Tankard albums! Tankard are cult and "Disco destroyer" shouldn't miss from your collection!!
Remastered re-edition contains bonus track “Fast Taker”, Manowar cover!
Century Media Records Ltd./AFM Records GmbH, 2000/2007 (AFM 143-2). Made in Germany. Pressed in Austria.

1. Serial Killer
3. Hard Rock Dinosaur
4. Queen Of Hearts
5. U-R-B
6. Mr. Superlover
7. Tankard Roach Motel
8. Another Perfect Day
9. Death By Whips
10. Away!
11. Face To The Enemy
12. Splendid Boyz
13. Disco Destroyer
14. Fast Taker


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