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ONE STEP BEYOND "The Music Of Chance" /Pit-Art CD/

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ONE STEP BEYOND "The Music Of Chance" /Pit-Art CD/
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ONE STEP BEYOND "The Music Of Chance" /Pit-Art CD/ ONE STEP BEYOND "The Music Of Chance" /Pit-Art CD/

Third full-length album by the Australian Extreme Metal/Crossover band.
One Step Beyond constructs a brand of Extreme Metal with no obvious parallels. They aim to craft each song to have its own identity.
Musically it draws from all elements of Extreme Metal and is constructed with utmost respect to the album format. It is intended to be more than a collection of the bands 11 best songs. Each moment is a reaction to what has come before it and is an instigator of what comes after it. One Step Beyond feels that all the songs stand strongly on their own, but are all enhanced by being played together.
The album has a recurring lyrical subtext, based on some of the ways chance impacts on day to day living. Examples range from gambling and drug abuse, to how a seemingly random event can shape an entire life.
The release includes 12-page booklet, made by famous Ukrainian designer Nurgeslag.
Recommended for fans of: Napalm Death, Macabre, Mr. Bungle, Enslaved.
Metal Scrap Records, 2015 (MSR089/CD). Made in Ukraine. First press.

01. Hour of the Wolf 01:59
02. The Music of Chance 05:12
03. Hand That's Dealt 03:37
04. Decay 04:43
05. Up In Smoke 07:12
06. Faith 01:03
07. Planets Like Chess Pieces 04:50
08. Domino Architect 04:42
09. Good World Gone Bad 04:59
10. The Gamble 01:40
11. The Score 03:19
12. Snake Eyes 04:33
Total playing time: 47:54




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