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WOSLOM “Evolustruction” /CD/

WOSLOM “Evolustruction” /CD/
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Official re-release of the second full-length album by Brazilian Thrash Metal band.
Brazilian Thrash Metal masterminds of Woslom, assumingly well educated in their society’s evolution process, share their pains and doctrines with their sophomore distribution of “Evolustruction”. Packed with diverse views, band sought to establish their own version of Thrash Metal, delivering comprehensive material, which might be influenced by North American Bay Area, particularly Megadeth, Testament and Metallica.
Fortunately that Woslom took upon themselves the decision of not attempting to patch old wounds (what can we say Sepultura as one of Brazilian leading Thrash bands lost itself after 1991 or just like Metallica when it lost its marbles after 1990), but to head out and achieve something different. With “Evolustruction” you'll sense an old hunger and conviction that eventually formulated their chosen path. Letting an artistic nature to plunge in, in favor of yet another piece of Thrash memorability, Woslom’s songwriting appeared to be smeared with nonconformity towards the old genre, paralleling features of both old and new school Thrash that resulted in considerably ambiguous song structures, creative riffery, exceptional lead guitar work, carving with harmonies and incredible soloing and a pulsating flair of rhythmic compositions. By all means, with their progressivism, Woslom still maintained a bewildered Thrash imagery as bashing skulls is still a part of the deal.
The album follows the idea that there are always choices to make in life and that one has to constantly decide between good choices and bad choices. Given the experience the band was able to accumulate, they promised to break all the rules! Fast and aggressive guitar riffs are the main ingredient in this Thrash Metal masterpiece. The fierce attacks of “No Last Chance”, “Breathless (Justice's Fall)” and “Evolustruction” (better his extended version at number 10), it might wasn’t the truest form of Thrash as it is widely known, but it had a reek of freshness, clever diversity and enough brutality to go around. “New Faith” recapped the old wrath fling of old Thrash Metal into ignition along with the band’s inventive antics. Furthermore, right before ending this chapter, the “Evolustruction” sound engineering provided the album with the rightful character, maintaining the old Thrash sound pattern yet with sharp and polished sound made by modern means, a great contribution for the album’s abilities to inspire while listening. In a nutshell, Woslom produced a fine revelation, clutching Thrash Metal and shaping it up to become more relevant!
For fans of Testament, Metallica and Megadeth!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2013/2014 (P18R 071). Made in Italy.

1. Evolustruction 4:13
2. Haunted By The Past 6:30
3. Pray To Kill 2:59
4. River Of Souls 4:39
5. No Last Chance 6:33
6. New Faith 5:03
7. Breathless (Justice's Fall) 6:07
8. Purgatory 6:28

Bonus Tracks:
9. Breakdown (cover Mad Dragzter) 3:22
10. Evolustruction (Alternative Version) 4:53
Total playing time: 50:47


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