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SAMAEL "Passage" + "Exodus" /CD/

SAMAEL "Passage" + "Exodus" /CD/
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SAMAEL "Passage" + "Exodus" /CD/ SAMAEL "Passage" + "Exodus" /CD/

Re-release of the fourth full-length album and the first mini-album, at one CD, by legendary Swiss Electronic/Industrial Black Metal band.
Here’s an interesting and very well deserved re-release. Samael is one of the most forward thinking and challenging of all Black Metal artists – a band that has evolved from a primitive, yet unique act into a genre defying one. What we have here is the band's grounding effort “Passage” (first released in 1996) and the “Exodus” mini-album (1998), by most considered as EP - but that's wrong opinion. Interestingly enough both releases were recorded at the same time yet released separately.
This excellent CD release is musthave for every Metal collector!!
Magic Arts Publishing/Century Media Records, 1996/1998/2007 (Century Media 8401-2). Made in USA.

1.Rain 04:01
2.Shining Kindom 03:37
3.Angel's Decay 03:37
4.My Saviour 04:09
5.Jupiterian Vibe 03:23
6.The Ones Who Came Before 03:42
7.Liquid Soul Dimension 03:42
8.Moonskin 03:57
9.Born Under Saturn 04:18
10.Chosen Race 04:08
11.A Man In Your Head 03:43
Bonus Tracks:
12.Exodus 03:47
13.Tribes Of Cain 03:33
14.Son Of Earth 04:37
15.Winter Solstice 03:33
16.Ceremony Of Opposites 05:03
17.From Malkuth To Kether 04:41
Total playing time: 67:31


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