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CANNIBAL CORPSE "Gallery Of Suicide" /CD/

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Gallery Of Suicide" /CD/
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CANNIBAL CORPSE "Gallery Of Suicide" /CD/ CANNIBAL CORPSE "Gallery Of Suicide" /CD/

The sixth full-length studio album by legendary American Brutal Death Metal band.
The first Cannibal Corpse album to feature former Nevermore guitarist Pat O'Brien, and the second album to include George Fisher on vocal.
Cannibal Corpse settled into their own gruesome groove early on in their career, spitting out a predictable set of carnage-obsessed trash-rockers on each of their albums. Consequently, their albums can be a little interchangeable, and "Gallery Of Suicide" is no different.
From the titles ("Disposal of the Body", "Blood Drenched Execution", "Dismembered and Molested", "Stabbed in the Throat", "Centuries of Torment", "Crushing the Despised", "I Will Kill You") to the incessant, buzzing guitars, it's Cannibal Corpse as the fans have come to expect them! It's a little fresher than its predecessor, "Vile", but it does have the problem of sounding a little monotonous in comparison to their entire catalog. That may not matter to the hardcore fans, who will inevitably be able to spot subtle differences between this and their previous albums, but it does suggest that the band will need to find a new modus operandi soon in order to keep things fresh.
In other way, "Gallery Of Suicide" is a refreshing blend of Technicality and Death Metal savagery. Although easy to underestimate, it is certain to reveal its uncompromising strength with a little time and patience. A solid addition to the band's discography, it may alienate many but it will surely attract and secure an entirely new breed of 'Corpse fanatics!
Metal Blade Records Inc., 1998 (3984-14151-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. I Will Kill You     2:47 
2. Disposal Of The Body     1:54 
3. Sentenced To Burn     3:06 
4. Blood Drenched Execution     2:40 
5. Gallery Of Suicide     3:55 
6. Dismembered And Molested     1:53 
7. From Skin To Liquid     5:30 
8. Unite The Dead     3:05 
9. Stabbed In The Throat     3:26 
10. Chambers Of Blood     4:11 
11. Headless     2:22 
12. Every Bone Broken     3:18 
13. Centuries Of Torment     4:04 
14. Crushing The Despised     1:56
Total playing time: 44:15 min.


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