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TANKARD “The Tankard” + TANKWART “Aufgetankt” /CD/

TANKARD “The Tankard” + TANKWART “Aufgetankt” /CD/
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TANKARD “The Tankard” + TANKWART “Aufgetankt” /CD/ TANKARD “The Tankard” + TANKWART “Aufgetankt” /CD/

Remastered re-release of the seventh full-length album by the legendary German Thrash/Punk Metal band.
"The Tankard" was not too well received at the time of its release to say the least. Although Tankard have always combined many different styles in their sound, this album must have been a real shock to many Tankard fans, as it is only remotely a Thrash album and by far the happiest Tankard record. It’s hard to classify this one, it’s can describe as a mixture of Speed/Thrash/Power/Heavy Metal and Punk.
With this album, Tankard brought their music to further levels, everything is perfect! All the riffs are very catchy and easy to remember, the drumming proves some skill as well, and they are technical without taking too much place.
The lyrics.... It’s just Tankardish! Gerre sings about alcohol, strange people, the future (this is the album where he sings the best, Gerre sure is a great vocalist!). The choruses are perfect for singing along with when drunk. If you are looking for a nice Friday night with friends and alcohol “The Tankard” is the way to go!
This album is pretty much perfect! No one was prepared for this little masterpiece. "The Tankard" is not only the catchiest Tankard record (the choruses on this albums are pretty much unbeatable), it's also one of their most diverse and (probably because of the strange brew of different styles) even one of the most unique albums!!
Re-edition contains Tankwart album "Aufgetankt" as bonus!!!
A German alcoholic Punk/Thrash Metal assault!!!!
Noise Records/Sanctuary Records/Universal Music, 1995/2011 (2774633). Made in Germany.

TANKARD “The Tankard”:
1. Grave New World     5:53
2. Minds On The Moon     3:20
3. The Story Of Mr. Cruel     4:57
4. Close Encounter     4:25
5. Poshor Golovar     5:22
6. Mess In The West     4:21
7. Atomic Twilight     4:48
8. Fuck Christmas     2:46
9. Positive     4:38
10. Hope?     3:59
TANKWART “Aufgetankt”:
11. Liebesspieler     2:34   
12. Pogo In Togo     3:08
13. Hurra, Hurra, Die Schule Brennt     2:25   
14. Herr D.     2:44
15. Sternenhimmel     3:20
16. Konig Von Deutschland     2:26   
17. Elke     3:53
18. Skandal Im Sperrbezirk     3:32   
19. Billiger Slogan     2:56
Total playing time: 71:27


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