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NAPALM DEATH “Leaders Not Followers: Part 2” /CD/

NAPALM DEATH “Leaders Not Followers: Part 2” /CD/
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Cover album by the legendary British Grindcore/Death Metal band. The band's 2nd part of what is due to be an ongoing string of "Leaders Not Followers" cover albums.
After endless hold ups and label issues, Napalm Death has finally released the long awaited second volume of covers (with the original EP "Leaders Not Followers" released back in 1999). "Leaders Not Followers: Part 2" marks the legendary UK Grindcore act's first new studio release since 2002's "Order Of The Leech", and is the first for their new home at Century Media Records since their split with Earache Records in 2003.
The godfathers of Grindcore playing tribute to their influences: 19 cover-versions of classic Metal, Hardcore and Punk songs!! Napalm Death haven't diluted their musical extremity any over the years, and over the course of the albums nineteen tracks, they pay a fittingly brutal tribute to those who inspired and influenced the genre defying act with their typically raw and uncompromising delivery.
Napalm Death adds their brutality to the mix, though the songs could be recognized (if you know the songs, of course). The vocalist Barney Greenway still sounds like an angry goat. The guitarist Mitch Harris screams like he is being tortured with the fork, sending you to change your pants.
Interestingly enough, Napalm Death's original bass player Jim Whiteley (Who appeared on the b-side of 1987's "Scum") guests on the covers of Discharge's "War's No Fairytale" and Anti Cimex's "Game Of The Arseholes" (who also have "Victims Of A Bomb Raid" covered on this album as well), making this somewhat of a reunion. Although Jesse Pintado is credited for playing guitars, guitarist Mitch Harris revealed in an interview with The Metal Forge in 2005 that Pintado did not contribute to "Leaders Not Followers: Part 2".
Early Hardcore-Grind-Death-Speed-Punk-Metal-Songs in typical Napalm Death Sound! Good Grindcore Party Album, perfect for driving on the autobahn. One of the best list of cover songs ever compiled! A proper and honest tribute to several great bands!!
Enhanced CD includes video clip.
Century Media, 2004 (9974872). Made in UK. Pressed in Germany. First press.

1. Lowlife (cover Cryptic Slaughter) 2:22
2. Face Down In The Dirt (cover The Offenders) 1:27
3. Devastation (cover Devastation) 2:51
4. Messiah (cover Hellhammer) 3:29
5. Victims Of A Bomb Raid (cover Anticimex) 2:30
6. Night Of Pain (cover Wehrmacht) 4:03
7. War's No Fairytale (cover Discharge) 1:17
8. Conform (cover Siege) 1:58
9. Master (cover Master) 2:23
10. Fire Death Fate (cover Insanity) 3:18
11. Riot Of Violence (cover Kreator) 4:40
12. Game Of The Arseholes (cover Anticimex) 1:23
13. Clangor Of War (cover Massacre) 2:32
14. Dope Fiend (cover Attitude Adjustment) 1:36
15. I'm Tired (cover Die Kreuzen) 0:52
16. Troops Of Doom (cover Sepultura) 2:29
17. Bedtime Story (cover The Dayglo Abortions) 2:24
18. Blind Justice (cover Agnostic Front) 1:06
19. Hate, Fear And Power (cover Hirax) 0:28
Total playing time: 43:08


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