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The third full-length album by American Nu Metal band.
This is the second major label studio album by Slipknot.
After a couple years of relentless touring in support of their self-titled breakthrough album, Slipknot regrouped to record "Iowa", an ode to their home state that consolidates and punctuates everything that had garnered the band its cultish following. “Iowa” turned Hard Rock and Metal on its head with its aggression and brutal sounds. The monstrous guitar crunch, the concrete-dense rhythmic foundation, the frenzied singing, and the overall madcap fashion of it all - Slipknot's trademark sound is very much at the forefront of this dark, dark album and is presented in epic form on the extended, album-closing title track, which brings to mind Children of the Corn-type terrors.
Though not quite as commercially viable as the more straightforward "Slipknot" album, "Iowa" is a more interesting listen, one that envelopes you in its American Gothic shadow and leaves you feeling unsettled afterward. It's really all you could ask for in a Slipknot album, and then some - perhaps some more than you'd like, in fact, if you're not part of the cult.
Album was certified Gold and Platinum in a few countries. It has a major success; it premiered in the top ten album sales charts in nine countries.
It’s not just the first great record of the Nu Metal era - it's better than that!!
Roadrunner Records, 2001 (12 085642). Made in Germany.

1. (515) 0:59
2. People = Shit 3:35
3. Disasterpiece 5:08
4. My Plague 3:40
5. Everything Ends 4:14
6. The Heretic Anthem 4:14
7. Gently 4:54
8. Left Behind 4:01
9. The Shape 3:37
10. I Am Hated 2:37
11. Skin Ticket 6:41
12. New Abortion 3:36
13. Metabolic 3:59
14. Iowa 15:03
Total playing time: 66:18


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