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WORSTENEMY "Revelation" /CD/

WORSTENEMY "Revelation" /CD/
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Debut full-length album by the Italian Death Metal band.
Veterans of obscure Death/Doom arts returns with the new killer album!
The album comes a full four years after the bands previous release, an EP entitled “Under Ashes Of Wicked”. Now the Italians are not exactly known for their Death Metal output, Black Metal and more recently Doom being their usual offerings. Worstenemy however don’t care for trends and instead decide the best way is the old school way, in both their production which is murky, filth ridden and perfect for this type of sound, and their music which is aggressive, choking, chugging and insanely brutal.
“Revelation” really is a shot right back to the late 80’s and early 90’s and it isn’t afraid to wear it’s influences right out there on its sleeves too. Featuring deep menacing growled vocals, raw, thunderous riffs, sturdy drumming and a very groovy bass line, Worstenemy are pure Extreme entertainers and you could do much worse that adding this slab of vitriolic Death Metal to your record collection!
WormHoleDeath/Aural Music, 2013 (WHD041). Made in Italy. Pressed in Germany.

1. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. 02:11
2. Revelation 04:23
3. Arms of Kali 03:27
4. Strange Life 03:42
5. The Fallen 04:08
6. Karnak 05:08
7. The Redeemer Is a Liar 03:14
8. War of Hate 03:05
9. Black Storm 03:31
10. New Enemy 03:50
Total playing time: 36:39

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