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DEICIDE “Legion” /CD/

DEICIDE “Legion” /CD/
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Second full-length album by the legendary American Death Metal band.
Once again, Deicide unleash the beast going for much the same concept they did on the debut. The same level of blistering brutality with attention to songcraft is thrown into "Legion," and comes out as the better album.
This onslaught of ever-shifting double-bass and extreme guitar riffing is considered by many to be an essential (if not the premier) example of Deicide's world-class Death Metal. While bassist/vocalist and bandleader Glen Benton never accepted the categorization, his band helped define the early '90s Death movement with their somewhat complicated, ultra-heavy music and low, growling vocals. "Legion" stands out as a musically complex but familiar offering from the band. “Legion” is more musically ambitious than most other Deicide albums, incorporating more technical riffing and song structures. The band considers this album to be its most difficult, and claims it is too chaotic. When the Hoffman brothers quit the band, Eric Hoffman stated it is simply that Glen Benton refused to play longer sets and could not do technical riffing on his bass. Though the album has been praised by fans, "Dead But Dreaming" was the only track of this album that remained in their live set, though as recently as 2010 the band has begun playing "Trifixion" and "Holy Deception" as well. Live favorite "Trifixion" is indeed one of the better cuts from the release, but it's easier to consider this disc (and most records like it) as a whole.
Deicide's compositions and performances are solid and serious throughout, but Benton's outspoken anti-Christian beliefs and admitted Satanism are what first brought the band attention, and what ultimately separated them from secondary contributors to the genre. This radical philosophy is stated emphatically within the lyrics of "Legion" - just in case fans weren't paying attention to interviews and onstage rants. Listeners who admire Death and Extreme Metal in all its forms are generally aware of Deicide's abilities and outspoken antisocial beliefs, so newer Death Metal fans will do well to start off their collection with "Legion".
Unlike Deicide's first album, this release did not use any pitch shifters or harmonizers on Benton's vocals. However, delay, reverb, and multi tracking were among the studio manipulations used to get the vocal effects on the album.
The first track, "Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon", features a backward message. At about twenty seconds, a voice can be heard saying "Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon".
"Legion" is a legendary album. And out of all the Death Metal albums that can be considered legendary. This is Deicide’s pinnacle, one they would never surpass. A fundamental cornerstone of Death Metal, one of the all time best!!
R/C Records/Roadrunner Productions B.V., 1992/2013 (RC 9192-2). Made in Germany.

1. Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon 4:27
2. Dead But Dreaming 3:13
3. Repent To Die 3:59
4. Trifixion 2:57
5. Behead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live) 3:44
6. Holy Deception 3:19
7. In Hell I Burn 4:36
8. Revocate The Agitator 3:46
Total playing time: 30:01


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