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NAPALM DEATH “Punishment In Capitals” /Digipack CD; Live/

NAPALM DEATH “Punishment In Capitals” /Digipack CD; Live/
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The third official live album by legendary British Grindcore/Death Metal band.
Napalm Death has always been an interesting anomaly in the Metal Underground: generally considered to be the inventors of Grindcore, the band eventually became a ragged patchwork of Punk, Death Metal, and Hardcore that was simultaneously sloppy, technical, unwaveringly ugly, and downright vicious. And political - proof being this recording made at a 2002 London animal rights benefit gig. Hence the anomaly; while slaughter, fantasy, and war are thematic crutches for much of the Metal Underground, Napalm Death is intent on righting the injustices of the world.
"Punishment In Capitals" does a decent job of capturing the bands's focus and intensity on-stage, the band rampaging through 28 songs in 90 minutes, from haphazardly arranged early donkey punches "Scum" and "Lucid Fairytale" to latter-day pneumatic drillers "Can't Play Won't Pay" and "Breed to Breathe".
Long-in-the-tooth Napalm punters will find plenty of meat and potatoes to consume in "Punishment In Capitals", and the general no-bones-about-it approach nicely conveys the compelling grit of the hard-working and rightfully well-respected band at its center!!
It was recorded at the London ULU on 12 April 2002 at an animal rights benefit gig.
Feto Records/Snapper Music/Peaceville, 2003 (CDVILED152). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Lucid Fairytale 1:01
2. Take The Poison 1:43
3. Next On The List 3:27
4. Constitutional Hell 2:33
5. Suffer The Children 3:52
6. Cleanse Impure 2:56
7. Politicians 1:34
8. Breed To Breathe 2:58
9. Vermin 2:18
10. The World Keeps Turning 2:39
11. Can't Play, Won't Pay 3:19
12. Unchallenged Hate 2:00
13. Volume Of Neglect 3:18
14. Narcoleptic 2:30
15. Hung 3:30
16. From Enslavement To Obliteration 1:33
17. Scum 2:41
18. Life 0:41
19. The Kill 0:27
20. Deceiver 0:41
21. You Suffer 0:15
22. Cure For A Common Complaint 2:38
23. Mass Appeal Madness 3:13
24. Greed Killing 2:36
25. Instinct Of Survival 1:51
26. Nazi Punks Fuck Off 1:19
27. Back From The Dead 2:28
28. Siege Of Power 3:31
Total playing time: 63:32

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