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ANALEPSY “Dehumanization By Supremacy” /MCD/

ANALEPSY “Dehumanization By Supremacy” /MCD/
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Debut mini-album by Portuguese Brutal Death Metal band.
The most recent portuguese Slamming Brutal Death Metal command.
8 tracks full of groove, brutality and apocalyptic melodies which for sure will leave you consumed by the soundtrack of humanity devastation!
These guys play some rampaging Slam that hits as hard as an alien superweapon. Drummer plays a bunch of crushing mid-paced rhythms that features rapid drilling double bass. There are also moments when he launches into blast beat mode and pulverizes your ear drums. The growls of vocalist are quite diverse. Deep pignoise vocals are the order of business, with the singer squealing and growling for his life. The guitars is churn out a bunch of those crunchy slam riffs that you'll like. They range from simple chugging to more elaborate rhythms that sound like an encroaching alien fleet. They spice up these Slam riffs with plenty of pinch harmonics, and there are even moments when they assault us with diabolical tremolo riffs.
If you can’t get enough of bands such as Coprocephalic and Infecting The Swarm then Analepsy should be another one who are high on your must-have list!!
Vomit Your Shirt/Rotten Cemetery Records Version, 2015 (VYS012 / RCR014). Made in Portugal. First press.

1. Neo-born Virus 00:51
2. Colossal Human Consumption 02:12
3. Genetic Mutations 03:47
4. Worm Putrefaction 02:28
5. Post Incubation Period 03:07
6. Lethal Injection 03:04
7. Viral Disease 03:15
8. Food for the Maggots (Putrid Pile cover) 03:24
Total playing time: 22:08


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