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SHINING “Through Years Of Oppression” /CD/

SHINING “Through Years Of Oppression” /CD/
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First compilation album by Swedish Black Metal band.
From the very beginning of this album, the listener is plunged into a deep abyss of godforsaken darkness from the moment that the first track starts. The guitars are down-tuned and contribute to a general atmosphere of depression. There is a constant shift between slow guitar-riffs and much faster pieces. Vocals are nothing but genuine cries for help and also an intense mixture of hopelessness and raw pain. It is certainly not melodramatic, but rather very honest.
The album as a whole gets interrupted in the middle with a spoken piece in which the band lays out their philosophical ideology of self-destruction and suicide. This might sound like a call-for-attention to some, but once you listen to this you will realize that it is a very scary work of art drenched in a slow river of pain. What make it even scarier is the psychotic cries and the obsessive repeating of the words “do me a favor and kill yourself”. Every single part of this album is a climax, but this part is certainly the ultimate climax that might finally convince you to lose all hope.
The rest of the album is a cacophonous symphony in which various influences from Raw Black Metal, Doom Metal and Depressive Black Metal can be heard. Instead of playing shrieking guitar-solo’s that sound like the more traditional stuff, the band plays a mixture between slow guitar-solos and slow guitar-picking. This might be boring to those who wish to focus more on the technical aspects, but it actually fits in very well with the aesthetic atmosphere in which Shining cloaks their music. They have a very unique way in which they take the macabre elements of self-destruction and suicide and bastardize it with elements of beauty.
Overall, this album is a suicidal masterpiece that blows every bit of entertainment-value into pieces. In some sense, it is a challenging work of art that is very powerfully formulated!
Tracks 1-2 are from "Submit To Selfdestruction" 7" EP.
Track 3 is an unreleased song from "Livets Ändhållplats" session.
Track 4 is a demo version of the song from "III - Angst - Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie". It's a reworking of "Halloween Main Theme" by John Carpenter.
Track 5 is a reworking of Chopin's "Marche Funèbre" and it's taken from the split EP with Dolorian.
Track 6 is previously unreleased. Another version of this track later appeared on "IV - The Eerie Cold".
Unexploded Records, 2004 (UER002). Made in Sweden. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Endless Solitude 6:32
2. Submit To Self-Destruction 7:01
3. Manipulation Session 5:22
4. Black Industrial Misery 8:59
5. Through Corridors Of Oppression 4:07
6. The Claws Of Perdition 6:30
Total playing time: 38:31


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