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ADAM BOMB “Fatal Attraction” /CD/

ADAM BOMB “Fatal Attraction” /CD/
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First CD re-release of the debut full-length album by the band of cult American Glam Metal guitarist and singer Adam "Bomb" Brenner.
Adam Brenner was a major part of what made TKO's "In Your Face", such a phenomenal record, and so it stands to reason that the songs on "Fatal Attraction" sound most like TKO. "I Want My Heavy Metal", "Take Me In", and "Russian Roulette" all fall comfortably into this category, but that's not to say there aren't other good tracks on this slab... the title track is an upbeat rocker and album closer "Prime Evil" is uncharacteristically dark and moody. Oddly, Brenner's guitar playing is less flashy and over-the-top than his work with TKO. Pretty cool on the whole, and not over produced at all, which is surprising given that it's on Geffen and released at the height of slick west coast over indulgence.
Adam Bomb's sound was along the lines of Quiet Riot, Krokus and Helix. It's your basic Hard Rock with a Glam Rock edge and some Heavy Metal posturing. Your appetite for this one is going to depend on your love for all things '80s Rock. Adam Bomb definitely fits in to that Glam/Hair Metal style!
Lineup featuring former Riot drummer Sandy Slavin, as wells as a guest appearance by AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams!!
Metal Mayhem Music, 1985/1991/2001 (MM00021). Made in Canada. Re-release features new cover.

1. S.S.T. 
2. All The Young Dudes 
3. I Want My Heavy Metal 
4. You'll Never Know 
5. Fatal Attraction 
6. Shape Of The World 
7. Take Me In 
8. Russian Roulette 
9. It's A Bust 
10. Prime Evil 
11. Steppin' On The Edge 
12. All's Fair In Rock'n'roll

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