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WARMBLOOD “God Of Zombies” /CD/

WARMBLOOD “God Of Zombies” /CD/
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The third full-length album by Italian Death Metal band.
A real mayhem with fast paced riffs, technical and catchy, and the growling vocals of Giancarlo Capra. It’s the typical growling nasty vocals that any Death Metal freak can relate to. The drums are very rhythmic and follow the guitars mostly as is usually the case in most Death Metal albums and you just don’t feel the lack of bass in the record at all (the band don't use bass guitar).
Reminding of Terrorizer lyrically, everything about this album is what will excite the Death Metal fan in you – gore lyrics, fast paced shredding and blast beats, heavy bass and growling vocals. So dig this beast!
The Spew Records, 2014 (TS 032). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Intro (Zombie Genesi) 02:08
2. Post Mortem Transfiguration 03:48
3. Contagium Escalation 03:45
4. Eucharist Dead Flesh 03:45
5. Unfaithful Celebrant 04:17
6. God of Zombies 05:37
7. Replaced by Death 03:20
8. Culmination of Final Transformation 04:57
9. Zombinferno 04:04
10. Ite Missa Est 01:46
Total playing time: 37:27

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