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ARMORED DAWN “Power Of Warrior” /MCD/

ARMORED DAWN “Power Of Warrior” /MCD/
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Promotional EP for the debut full-length album by Brazilian Heavy/Power Metal band.
Armored Dawn is everything its name implies, a colossal force driven by Heavy Metal and born of frontman and principal songwriter Eduardo Parras' unwavering love for the music that drives so many of us.
In an effort to give back a portion of what Heavy Metal has given him throughout his life, Parras - a successful doctor in Brazil - has set up a "Power Of Warrior" Pledge Music campaign and is donating proceeds of the site's sales to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund. 100% of the page's "Contribute To The Cause" funds will be donated to the foundation, as will 25% of all other sales through the site. Click the link below for full details.
Dio's spirit definitely shines throughout Armored Dawn's debut. Produced by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Dragonforce), “Power Of Warrior” is a brave new world for Dr. Eduardo Parras, and with his fearless band by his side, they triumphantly raise their fists and sharpen their swords, raise them for battle!
Selfreleased, 2016. Pressed in Poland. First press.

1. King 5:36
2. Viking Soul 5:25
3. William Fly (The Pirate) [featuring Fabio Lione and Mario Ian] 4:24
4. Far Away 4:32
Total playing time: 34:40
Total playing time: 19:57 


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