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IMMORTAL “Damned In Black” /CD/

IMMORTAL “Damned In Black” /CD/
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The sixth full-length studio album by legendary Norwegian Black Metal band.
"Damned In Black" is the second album of Immortal's hellish Holy Trinity, released between creative breakthrough "At The Heart Of Winter" and well-honed masterpiece "Sons Of Northern Darkness".
In comparison, "Damned In Black" strikes one as being the family's nasty, spiteful little brother, sounding slightly rushed, unkempt, and panicky, with whirlwind blastbeats more prominent in the arrangements. But the album benefits from this approach; it's an angrier, more fiery record, especially during barnburners "Triumph", "My Dimension,", and "In Our Mystic Visions Blest", which nod respectfully toward the band's speed-drenched early days, albeit with the more balanced, well-crafted songwriting skills of latter-day Immortal.
"Against the Tide (In the Arctic World)", "The Darkness That Embrace Me", and the title track are more melodic and grandly epic, complex but never unwieldy. Immortal's greatest strength is their well-conceived instrumental approach - it's never self-indulgent or fanciful, always memorable, and only living to serve the song.
Producer Peter Tagtgren has seen many of his Scandinavian brethren through the doors of his Abyss Studios, but he's never gelled with any band quite like Immortal, giving the band a robust, deceptively simple, and consistently devastating mix.
Ultimately, "Damned In Black" proves that this Norwegian trio prays only to their armor-clad, bullet-belted Metal muse. While it will most likely be overlooked considering Immortal's brightest and deadliest moments came before and after it (respectively), "Damned In Black" proves to be just as powerful as anything else in the band's increasingly impressive canon!!
Osmose Productions, 2000 (OPCDL 095). Made in France. Pressed in Austria. First press.

1. Triumph 05:41
2. Wrath From Above 05:46
3. Against The Tide (In The Arctic World) 06:03
4. My Dimension 04:32
5. The Darkness That Embrace Me 04:38
6. In Our Mystic Visions Blest 03:12
7. Damned In Black 06:51
Total playing time: 36:43


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