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IMMORTAL “All Shall Fall” /CD/

IMMORTAL “All Shall Fall” /CD/
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IMMORTAL “All Shall Fall” /CD/ IMMORTAL “All Shall Fall” /CD/

The eighth full-length studio album by legendary Norwegian Black Metal band.
Immortal have risen from the white ashes to reclaim their throne as kings of Black Metal. Not many bands have been as important to a genre of music as Immortal have been to Black Metal over the years. They were always a little ahead of their peers. They has been one of the most important Black Metal bands in the world since the release of their first demo "The Northern Upins Death" in 1990.
The band was founded by Abbath Doom Occulta and Demonaz Doom Occulta, and together with different drummers this core line up released the first three legendary albums: "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" (1992), "Pure Holocaust" (1993) and "Battles In The North" (1995). Now the band are back with their first album in seven years!
The album carries on exactly where "Sons Of Northern Darkness" finished. Stylistically "All Shall Fall" is extremely similar, the guitars are very melodic and as a whole, the album stays at the same familiar pressing pace without going overboard. The frostbitten trio show no signs of cobwebs, but there is also no apparent attempt to create something truly spectacular. "All Shall Fall", although a brilliant comeback album, is a bit too steady and safe to be hailed as one of the band's greatest works.
Seven years is an extremely long time and it is perhaps unrealistic to have expected anything to the standard of "At The Heart Of Winter" or any of the band's other classics. "All Shall Fall" almost seems like the band are just firing up the engine and it is the future we have to wait for to experience Immortal at their most devastating. With this said, "All Shall Fall" is still a remarkably enjoyable album to listen to and is very much an album suited for the times.
The opening title track sounds like the soundtrack to a bleak and icy armageddon and "The Rise Of Darkness" follows bringing forth the rhythmic march of the northern tyrants. Melodic plodder "Norden On Fire" brings down the pace, but "Arctic Swarm" soon whips up another blizzard being the most forceful and unrelenting storm on the album.
Immortal have all eyes on them, and to avoid the risk of disappointment have released an extremely solid and safe album that may just underwhelm a few people. Without a bad song on the album and a tidy running time, the album displays the finest cuts of Immortal in those day and age, and it honestly has not felt so empowering to bang the head along to some serious top quality Black Metal in a long time.
The only album to feature bassist Apollyon and the last to feature vocalist/guitarist Abbath Doom Occulta.
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2009 (NB 2303-2 / 27361 23032). Made in Germany. First press.

1. All Shall Fall 05:58 
2. The Rise of Darkness 05:47 
3. Hordes to War 04:32 
4. Norden on Fire 06:15 
5. Arctic Swarm 04:01 
6. Mount North 05:07 
7. Unearthly Kingdom 08:30
Total playing time: 40:10

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