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THERION “Gothic Kabbalah” /Digipack 2CD/

THERION “Gothic Kabbalah” /Digipack 2CD/
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THERION “Gothic Kabbalah” /Digipack 2CD/ THERION “Gothic Kabbalah” /Digipack 2CD/ THERION “Gothic Kabbalah” /Digipack 2CD/

The twelfth full-length studio album by legendary Swedish Symphonic/Operatic Metal band.
"Gothic Kaballah" is a testimony of the band trying to reconcile their newer sound (albums "Lemuria" and "Sirius B") with their "trilogy" period trademark sound (albums "Vovin", "Deggial" and "Secret Of The Runes"). The main line-up has been slightly changed since previous studio albums ("Lemuria" and "Sirius B"). Petter Karlsson returned to play drums, having already played with the band during Lemuria / Sirius B tour during the period of 2004-2006. Since Christofer Johnsson announced in 2006 he is retiring from singing, vocals on "Gothic Kabbalah" were performed by Mats Levén, as well as Snowy Shaw and three female singers: Katarina Lilja, Anna Nyhlin and Hannah Holgersson.
"Gothic Kabbalah" is honestly the perfect example of Symphonic Metal's capabilities. The album is based on concepts from the life of 17th-century esoteric scholar Johannes Bureus. Therion is not wallowing into their clichés and instead of bombarding, the listener was majestic Operatic soprano choruses from the start, they choose to place the first huge one into a ballad, "Son of the Staves of Time". It appears obvious that Johnsson did not want to replicate any previous Therion albums. And he should be commended for that. This double album holds a lot of diversified material. "The Falling Stone", "The Perennial Sophia", and "Tuna 1613" could all be classic Therion tracks, and "Adulruna Rediviva" is easily the crowning achievement of this album and their discography – clocking in at a hefty thirteen and a half minutes (It's also the only track that doesn't lend to the incredibly enjoyable sing-along mentality). Just remember that the second CD is heavier and probably features the best songs, which really stands out on the first CD.
This is one album you don't want to pass up the chance of owning. Indeed, our nineteenth century story tellers would wear looks of satisfaction upon it's conclusion. Well done!
"Gothic Kabbalah" is another honest, genuine effort from Therion. The purists might not like the lack of real Thrash attack or the slightly less Operatic approach showcased on the first part of the album. The second part of it is the real reason why this release is worth your hard-earned money. Without being their best album to date, "Gothic Kabbalah" is a treasure chest full of new Therion songs, you're bound to like a handful of them!!
Nuclear Blast GmbH, 2007 (NB 1780-0). Made in Germany. First press.

CD 1
1. Der Mitternachtslöwe 5:38 
2. Gothic Kabbalah 4:32 
3. The Perennial Sophia 4:53 
4. Wisdom And The Cage 5:13 
5. Son Of The Staves Of Time 5:10 
6. Tuna 1613 4:21 
7. Trul 5:11 
8. Close Up The Streams 3:55

CD 2
1. The Wand Of Abaris 5:50 
2. Three Treasures 4:32 
3. Path To Arcady 3:53 
4. TOF - The Trinity 6:17 
5. Chain Of Minerva 5:28 
6. The Falling Stone 4:50 
7. Adulruna Rediviva 14:36
Total playing time: 84:19 min.

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