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SLIPKNOT “All Hope Is Gone” /CD/

SLIPKNOT “All Hope Is Gone” /CD/
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SLIPKNOT “All Hope Is Gone” /CD/ SLIPKNOT “All Hope Is Gone” /CD/

The fifth full-length album by legendary American Nu Metal band.
The final studio album released by the band to include two longtime members: bassist and founding member Paul Gray, who was found dead in an Iowa hotel on May 24, 2010, almost two years after the release of "All Hope Is Gone", and drummer Joey Jordison, who departed from the band in December 2013.
"All Hope Is Gone" considered as the band's most eclectic-sounding album, incorporating elements from their previous three. Songs such as the opening track "Gematria (The Killing Name)" and the title track espouse the band's more brutal, Death Metal-influenced edge, reminiscent of songs such as "(sic)" from their debut self-titled album; slow burning, "trippy" elements such as "Gehenna", reminiscent of "Skin Ticket" from their second album "Iowa"; and more tragic, sentimental tracks such as "Dead Memories" and "Snuff".
Lyrically, "All Hope Is Gone" centers on themes such as anger, disaffection, obsession, and the music industry. The album name also features a more prominent focus on politics than their previous albums.
"All Hope Is Gone" reached the top position on nine record charts worldwide, including the Billboard 200 - the first Slipknot album to do so. It was certified Platinum by the RIAA on August 10, 2010 for shipments in excess of 1,000,000 albums in the United States.
The All Blacks U.S.A., Inc./Roadrunner Records, a registered trademark of The All Blacks B.V., 2008 (RR 7938-2). Made in Germany.

1. Execute 1:49
2. Gematria (The Killing Name) 6:02
3. Sulfur 4:38
4. Psychosocial 4:44
5. Dead Memories 4:29
6. Vendetta 5:16
7. Butcher's Hook 4:15
8. Gehenna 6:53
9. This Cold Black 4:40
10. Wherein Lies Continue 5:37
11. Snuff 4:36
12. All Hope Is Gone 4:45
Total playing time: 57:44 min.

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