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WARLOCK "Hellbound" /CD/

WARLOCK "Hellbound" /CD/
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Second full-length album by the legendary German Heavy Metal band.
This is Warlock's heaviest and most relentless album they recorded.
Though capped at the end by the gorgeous power ballad "Catch My Heart", which ranks high amongst Doro's best in a solo capacity, “Hellbound” is all business. It throbs and rolls on a tandem with scattered Prog breakdowns and miscellaneous soundbytes, ala "Earthshaker Rock" and various experimental intros on the album. “Hellbound” is hearty and focused, a polished piledriver of Teutonic mayhem kept on a steady equilibrium of shred, mid-tempo jogs and wailing guitar solos.
Phonogram/Vertigo Records, 1985 (824 660-2). Made in Germany. Re-press.

1. Hellbound 03:40
2. All Night 04:03
3. Earthshaker Rock 03:26
4. Wrathchild 03:32
5. Down and Out 04:06
6. Out of Control 04:49
7. Time to Die 04:28
8. Shout It Out 04:19
9. Catch My Heart 04:55
Total playing time: 37:18

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