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NAPALM DEATH “Order Of The Leech” + “Leaders Not Followers” /CD/

NAPALM DEATH “Order Of The Leech” + “Leaders Not Followers” /CD/
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NAPALM DEATH “Order Of The Leech” + “Leaders Not Followers” /CD/ NAPALM DEATH “Order Of The Leech” + “Leaders Not Followers” /CD/ NAPALM DEATH “Order Of The Leech” + “Leaders Not Followers” /CD/

The tenth full-length studio album and EP 1999, at one CD, by legendary British Grindcore/Death Metal band.

"Order Of The Leech" is the tenth full-length album by the band Napalm Death, released in 2002 through Spitfire Records.
The old dog might not have learned any new tricks, but that doesn't mean that it can't improve on what it already figured out. When Napalm Death started, it was one of the fastest guns in the west, whereas the intermediate era of the group ushered in slower tempos but higher levels of intensity. "Order Of The Leech" eschews the relative experimentation of the preceding "Enemy Of The Music Business", and instead it artfully combines the reckless alacrity of the band's youth with the lessons in extremities it mastered with age into a record that's the best of both worlds - blazingly fast, yet chock-full of interesting ideas.
Danny Herrera has to be considered one of the best drummers the genre's produced, as his performance here is nothing short of Dave Lombardo-esque in its power; meanwhile, Barney Greenway's vocals are overpowering as he returns to the band's roots of biting political and social commentary throughout the record, which shifts into fifth gear right out of the box with "Continuing War on Stupidity" and doesn't slow down for a second.
Although credited in the line-up, Jesse Pintado never performed. The second guitar is actually Mitch Harris overdubbing, hence marking this album's lineup as today's lineup.

"Leaders Not Followers" EP album features covers from various Punk and Metal bands.
This is a collection of scathing Grindcore covers, demonstrating some of Napalm Death's influences and offering a different spin on tracks written by Slaughter and Repulsion, among others. The EP is a quick burn, finishing with a six-and-a-half-minute version of the Dead Kennedys' "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"!

24 bit digitally remastered.
AGAT Company Ltd., 1999/2002/2003 (A-ND02). Made in Russia. Bootleg.

1. Continuing War on Stupidity 03:11
2. The Icing on the Hate 03:10
3. Forced to Fear 03:35
4. Narcoleptic 02:28
5. Out of Sight Out of Mind 03:01
6. To Lower Yourself (Blind Servitude) 03:03
7. Lowest Common Denominator 03:19
8. Forewarned Is Disarmed? 02:25
9. Per Capita 02:54
10. Farce and Fiction 02:47
11. Blows to the Body 03:14
12. The Great Capitulator 11:35
13. Politicians (Raw Power cover) 01:45
14. Incinerator (Slaughter cover) 03:20
15. Demonic Possession (Pentagram cover) 03:13
16. Maggots in Your Coffin (Repulsion cover) 01:36
17. Back from the Dead (Death cover) 02:35
18. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
Total playing time: 64:02 min.

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