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AXEL RUDI PELL "Between The Walls" /CD/

AXEL RUDI PELL "Between The Walls" /CD/
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The fourth full-length studio album by legendary German Hard Rock/Heavy/Power Metal band.
“Between The Walls” stands alongside “Black Moon Pyramid” as one of the more experimental works in band’s arsenal, but still maintaining that solid balance of Rainbow, Dio, Malmsteen and Black Sabbath worship. The fact that fashions come and go, and those whom follow them blindly fall out of significance due to a lack of a solid base, but acts like Axel Rudi Pell, whom choose long-term yet smaller audiences, over the fly by night racket of the mainstream.
The riffs sound that of an 80's Heavy Metal, excellent style of traditional Metal, almost like Speed Metal. Vocal wise is a good clean solid tune, that hits up and down in perfect harmony. Unlike most traditional bands in the 90's, it’s hard to get that clean 80's tone, but Pell's band gets it done and does it in fashion!
This is essential listening for fans of the traditional Heavy Metal genre, as well as good listening for fans of Shred playing. Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Deep Purple, and several NWOBHM acts have influenced the sound present on here, and the result is definitely worthy of the consumption of fans of all mentioned genres!!
Steamhammer/SPV, 1994 (SPV 084-76822). Made in Germany. Re-press.

1. The Curse 01:16
2. Talk of the Guns 04:52
3. Warrior 05:12
4. Cry of the Gypsy 05:01
5. Casbah 10:01
6. Outlaw 03:59
7. Wishing Well (Free cover) 04:01
8. Innocent Child 06:26
9. Between the Walls 04:05
10. Desert Fire 03:08
Total playing time: 48:01

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