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IDIS ÖRLÖG “The Spiral Tide Of Seasons” /Digisleeve CD/

IDIS ÖRLÖG “The Spiral Tide Of Seasons” /Digisleeve CD/
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The debut full-length album by Finnish Dark Folk band.
Fronted by Sif Idis, otherwise known as Iron Megedo from Black Metal bands like Witchblood, Hekseri and Cold Northern Vengeance, band plays Northern Folk, Neofolk and Paganism inspired by Epic Heathen Folk.
Folk, World, and Country. Germanic/Nordic mythological, mystical history channeled through music harnessing the power of nature with the lore of yesteryear to forge into the future, and to keep the fire burning.
Record features Runehild, the Eliwagar's singer, guesting on violin and flute.
Great Pagan-Folk music! Expect soothing tunes in the vein of Hagalaz' Runedance, Eliwagar, Carved In Stone, Fire+Ice, Trobar De Morte, Hexperos…
WolfTyr Productions, 2013 (WTP007). Made in USA. First press.

1. Invocation Of The Gods 2:43
2. I Am The Wind 5:05
3. Yggdrasil 3:58
4. Tiden 5:54
5. Amber And Gold 5:43
6. Wintersun 2:31
7. Midgard 5:21
8. The Northern Shaman 5:08
9. These Deep Waters 5:04
10. Of Ancient Ones 4:48
11. Aske And Embla 6:29
12. Outro (Passing Of The Seasons) 1:01
Total playing time: 53:45 min.

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