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OPETH "Orchid" /Digisleeve CD/

OPETH "Orchid" /Digisleeve CD/
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Re-release of the debut full-length studio album by legendary Swedish Progressive Death Metal band.
Few bands have managed to capture the essence of their own art already in their very first recorded effort. Describing the music of Opeth is yet another difficult assignment, as the Progressive Death Metal label, which is often attached to their style, is far from incorrect but equally far from descriptive. The band’s Death Metal roots are obvious in their approach to intricate riffing and sudden tempo changes, although they never reach what the average listener would call fast paces; to this basic formula, Opeth add a huge does of melodic taste in the form of countless harmonies, tasteful acoustic passages and occasional clean vocals. This isn’t that much explanatory either, but then again, a band whose songs have an average duration of ten minutes needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. This is a collaboration of so many different genres and styles of music that it is nearly unclassifiable. There are definitely elements of Death Metal, Traditional Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Rock and even Jazz. There are definitely more elements, but Opeth takes all of these different styles and molds them together seamlessly. Exceedingly heavy riffs turn into Death Metal crunch, which then turns into a haunting acoustic passage, almost as if it was completely natural to bend a multitude of genres into a new sound. The musicianship is excellent. One should notice the difficulty of the riffs that are played immediately, especially if they’re a guitar player as well. The songwriting is excellent; everything seems to have its place. Each track on this album is exceptional on its own.
Opeth showed the world that they were the masters of Progressive Death Metal. “Orchid” is a true work of art from a band, that made excellence as its standard quality share!
Re-edition contains bonus track "Into The Frost Of Winter".
Tanglade Ltd./Candlelight/Spinefarm Records, 1995/2016 (CANDLE724765). Made in EU.

1. In Mist She Was Standing 14:09
2. Under The Weeping Moon 09:52
3. Silhouette 03:07
4. Forest Of October 13:05
5. The Twilight Is My Robe 11:01
6. Requiem 01:11
7. The Apostle In Triumph 13:01
Bonus Track:
8. Into The Frost Of Winter 06:20
Total playing time: 71:46 min.

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