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DORO “Warrior Soul” /CD/

DORO “Warrior Soul” /CD/
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The ninth full-length studio solo album by legendary German Heavy Metal singer Doro Pesch.
Since the release of 2002's "Fight", headbangers waited four long years for a follow-up from one of Metal's top female vocalists. But the wait was over by 2006. The recording of the album took a prolonged time, due to Doro Pesch filming the movie "Anuk - Der Weg des Kriegers", starring as 'Meha'. The film was shot in Switzerland in 2005.
"Warrior Soul" is a good classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album, that embodies the essence of what Warlock was about until it came to an end; good old fashioned Judas Priest inspired Heavy Metal without all the groove gimmicks. The songs are simple in their presentation, putting forth basic riffs meant to stick in the head, rather than impress with overbearing intrigue. Lead work is tasteful and often short, as has always been the case since the first Warlock album. The production is modernistic, complete with low reverb drums, but relies on keyboards for atmosphere to balance out the drier approach to the traditional instrumentation. The majority of the compositions are mid-tempo songs or ballads. For fans of melodic yet tough '80s-era Metal, "Warrior Soul" is loaded with Metallic goodies!
The album reached position No. 27 on the German Longplay chart.
Enhanced CD features multimedia section.
AFM Records, 2006 (AFM 107-2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. You're My Family 4:15
2. Haunted Heart 5:14
3. Strangers Yesterday 4:49
4. Thunderspell 4:39
5. Warrior Soul 4:45
6. Heaven I See 4:38
7. Creep Into My Brain 3:56
8. Above The Ashes 4:17
9. My Majesty 4:07
10. In Liebe Und Freundschaft 3:35
11. Ungebrochen 1:40
12. Shine On 8:25
13. Warrior Soul (Acoustic Version) - Hidden Track
Total playing time: 54:20 min.

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