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CHILDREN OF BODOM “Hatebreeder” /Picture LP/

CHILDREN OF BODOM “Hatebreeder” /Picture LP/
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CHILDREN OF BODOM “Hatebreeder” /Picture LP/ CHILDREN OF BODOM “Hatebreeder” /Picture LP/

Second full-length album by cult Finnish Melodic Black/Death/Power Metal band.
On this album band explores a classically influenced sound, as well as a dark, Black Metal atmosphere evidenced by fast, tremolo picked riffs, blast-beats, and Alexi using a more Black Metal-oriented vocal approach (Alexi had joked that "Hatebreeder" was "too Black Metal for Heavy Metal fans and too Heavy Metal for Black Metal fans"). It also carries some influence from Power Metal, in the fast riffs and complex soloing style. This record contains concert favorites such as "Silent Night, Bodom Night" and "Downfall". The keyboards show more presence on this album, with longer and more elaborate solos than in their previous work. "Hatebreeder" is considerably more polished than its predecessor, losing some of the Blackened Thrash influence in favor of a heavy emphasis on Neo-Classical passages and high-speed guitar and keyboard melodic interplays. The album is inspired by Mozart in particular and both “Hatebreeder” and “Black Widow” are based on Mozart’s works. “Silent Night, Bodom Night” is one of the album’s highlights. “Downfall” is another standout, thanks to a mid-tempo Thrash riffs that is infectious as hell.
"Hatebreeder" was produced and recorded by Anssi Kippo at Astia-Studio in Finland, and was mixed by Mikko Karmila and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox. The sound is typical of early Bodom releases - paper thin, with zero weight behind the guitars and a kick drum that doesn’t exist.
Spinefarm Records/Back On Black/PHD, 1999/2005 (BOBV013PD). Made in UK. Second release on Picture Disc.

Side 1 (other side):
1. Warheart     4:08
2. Silent Night, Bodom Night     3:12
3. Hatebreeder     4:19
4. Bed Of Razors     3:57
5. Towards Dead End     4:54
Side 2 (this side):
6. Black Widow     3:58
7. Wrath Within     3:52
8. Children Of Bodom     5:13
9. Downfall     4:33
Total playing time: 38:06


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