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CHILDREN OF BODOM “Something Wild” /Ltd. Picture LP/

CHILDREN OF BODOM “Something Wild” /Ltd. Picture LP/
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CHILDREN OF BODOM “Something Wild” /Ltd. Picture LP/ CHILDREN OF BODOM “Something Wild” /Ltd. Picture LP/ CHILDREN OF BODOM “Something Wild” /Ltd. Picture LP/ CHILDREN OF BODOM “Something Wild” /Ltd. Picture LP/ CHILDREN OF BODOM “Something Wild” /Ltd. Picture LP/

First release on Picture Disc of the debut full-length album by cult Finnish Melodic Black/Death Metal band.
The album presents a darker and generally more experimental sound than the one present in their later albums, and contributed most to the infamous genre controversy of their classification as a Death Metal or Black Metal band at the time. A fair helping of Black Metal was still present, due to Alexi Laiho's stint (as lead guitarist) in Impaled Nazarene and his self-professed "roots being in Black Metal".
This album was recorded under the moniker IneartheD. The band had to change its name to Children Of Bodom to get out of their rip-off record deal with a small Belgian label so Spinefarm could release "Something Wild".
The band's debut attracted much attention, as many listeners and critics marveled at the bandmembers' technical abilities. Ultimately, the Finnish band's success within the commercially limited confines of Progressive Black Metal quelled many naysayers, but not before the band received a few harsh reviews. With the huge amount of Metal being released in Europe and America and practically no radio outlets good critical response was essential for late-'90s artists like Children Of Bodom. And although some weren't impressed by the shifting arrangements and sparse keyboards of "Something Wild", others refused to deny the musical accomplishment of the debut. Later studio efforts benefited from superior production, but "Something Wild" contains plenty of essential material and performances.
"Something Wild" still contains more than its share of impressive Metal!
Limited edition of 2000 copies.
Spinefarm Records/Back On Black/PHD, 1997/2005 (BOBV012PD). Made in UK. First press on Picture Disc.

Side 1 (other side):
1. Deadnight Warrior 
2. In The Shadow 
3. Red Light In My Eyes Pt.1 
4. Red Light In My Eyes Pt.2 

Side 2 (this side):
5. Lake Bodom 
6. The Nail 
7. Touch Like Angel Of Death

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