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NAPALM DEATH "Utopia Banished" /Ltd. LP/

NAPALM DEATH "Utopia Banished" /Ltd. LP/
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NAPALM DEATH "Utopia Banished" /Ltd. LP/ NAPALM DEATH "Utopia Banished" /Ltd. LP/ NAPALM DEATH "Utopia Banished" /Ltd. LP/ NAPALM DEATH "Utopia Banished" /Ltd. LP/

Limited edition remastered first re-release of the fourth full-length album by the legendary British Death Metal/Grindcore band.
Along the way Napalm Death started to receive flak from their original fan base which consisted of mainly Crust Punks and Hardcore Punks that were fans of their original Grindcore sound. Unflinching from the flak, Napalm Death said to hell with those cries and went back in the following year and released a compilation called "Death By Manipulation" which showed an even more Floridian Death Metal influence than before, which sadly was whirlwind drummer Mick Harris's last output with the band due to musical differences and stress from the road. Napalm Death kept pushing forward and with their fourth album "Utopia Banished". This album proved to be their biggest success, peaking at number 58 on the UK chart.
The album features samples of dialogue from the movies “They Live” and “Full Metal Jacket”. It is the first album featuring Danny Herrera on drums following the departure of Mick Harris.
“Utopia Banished” has been remastered specially for this release and includes four bonus tracks recorded during the same period! Reissue pressed on black vinyl limited to 800 copies, with printed inner sleeve.
Earache Records, 1992/2012 (MOSH053LP1). Made in UK. Pressed in France.


Side A
1. Discordance 01:26
2. I Abstain 03:30
3. Dementia Access 02:28
4. Christening Of The Blind 03:21
5. The World Keeps Turning 02:55
6. Idiosyncratic 02:36
7. Aryanisms 03:08
8. Cause And Effect (Pt. II) 02:08

Side B
9. Judicial Slime 02:37
10. Distorting The Medium 01:57
11. Got Time To Kill 02:28
12. Upward And Uninterested 02:07
13. Exile 02:00
14. Awake (To A Life Of Misery) 02:05
15. Contemptuous 04:22
Bonus Tracks:
16. One And The Same 01:51
17. Sick And Tired 01:27
18. Malignant Trait 02:20
19. Killing With Kindness 02:02

Total playing time: 46:48 min.

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