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TANKARD "Two-Faced" /Ltd. 2LP + Poster/

TANKARD "Two-Faced" /Ltd. 2LP + Poster/
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TANKARD "Two-Faced" /Ltd. 2LP + Poster/ TANKARD "Two-Faced" /Ltd. 2LP + Poster/ TANKARD "Two-Faced" /Ltd. 2LP + Poster/ TANKARD "Two-Faced" /Ltd. 2LP + Poster/ TANKARD "Two-Faced" /Ltd. 2LP + Poster/ TANKARD "Two-Faced" /Ltd. 2LP + Poster/ TANKARD "Two-Faced" /Ltd. 2LP + Poster/

First re-release of the sixth full-length album by the legendary German Thrash Metal band.
Tankard created a record that was really "Two-Faced". After "Stone Cold Sober" Tankard concentrated on their strengths. That meant that they had to move away a bit from the Thrash formula and focus on the other styles, which had always been a part of their sound anyway, or to put it simply. This band had to find the right balance again, and they finally did. This album includes a few of the best songs that Tankard has recorded in years! While "Two-Faced" initially seems to possess many of Tankard's trademark characteristics, it also differs from the previous releases to a small degree. Lyrics are generally more serious than before, and there is a bit more variety in tempos than you might expect from a typical Tankard album. It is still easy to recognize the sharp guitar sound almost instantly, and most tracks remain similar to the band's past works. Some lack of the usual happy spirit can make this release sound somewhat more average and not so uplifting though by no means bad. Also, while certain more varied tracks have their moments, too, this album clearly proves that constantly fast thrashers are the band's strongest area, formulaic or not. Some deviation from traditions put aside, “Two-Faced" is a fair pick for anyone who enjoys Tankard's style!
Limited Gatefold 180g Black Vinyl + A2 Poster. Remastered re-edition contains five live bonus tracks taken from the "Open All Night" VHS recording.
Noise Records/Nuclear Blast Records, 1994/2013 (NB 3127-1). Made in Germany. First re-release.

LP 1
Side A:
1. Death Penalty
2. R.T.V.
3. Betrayed
4. Nation Over Nation

Side B:
5. Days Of The Gun
6. Cities In Flames
7. Up From Zero
8. Two-Faced

LP 2
Side C:
1. Ich Brauch' Meinen Suff
2. Cyberworld
3. Mainhattan
4. Jimmy B. Bad

Side D (Live Bonus Tracks):
5. Space Beer
6. Zombie Attack
7. Alcohol
8. Chemical Invasion
9. (Empty) Tankard

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